2020 Crit Group Information

Dates: 12 week program beginning April 6th and running through June 29th, 2020.

This program is a simple, back to basics approach for getting some thoughtful feedback on your work and providing a support group of accountability and encouragement. It is open to anyone in the world, artists of all backgrounds, mediums and education levels. The majority of the program can be done on your own time, providing a platform that is accessible to Artist/Mothers with a lot happening in their world!

This program is for you if…
– You desire constructive and helpful feedback on your art
– You have questions you want to work through
– You are looking to connect with other Artist/Mothers in a tighter-knit group
– You are needing the accountability of warm and vibrant peers to help you stay engaged with your art practice
– You don’t have many people in your life to “talk shop” with and discuss your work or life as an artist
– You need connection with other Artist/Mothers but are limited in the time you can commit to building your own community
– You need the flexibility of a virtual program that can be done from your computer/phone
– You need more peers in your life who take you seriously and are willing to spend time thinking thoughtfully about your work
– You care deeply about your work and desire to connect and be in conversation with other artists who do too!

Please visit our shop page to secure your spot in the Artist/Mother Crit Group program! (partial payment option )

How it works:
The 12 week program will take place from April 6th through June 29th, 2020. You will be placed in a group of 3-5 members, plus one of our selected mentors. Each person will rotate through 2 rounds of feedback/critique. Groups will set the crit schedules in advance so you are aware of the weeks you will go and can work accordingly. This feedback will take place on a written document, shared by and visible to the members in your group. You will upload your images, pose questions when it is your week, and your mentor, plus everyone else in the group will provide thorough feedback and encouragement. You are strongly encouraged to participate every week and provide feedback to the other members of your group, exercising your own muscle of sharing thoughtful insight and encouraging your peers.

Additionally, there will be 3 group video chats for your group, scheduled by your mentor. You will be able to ask follow up questions about your critique, general questions about your career, and enjoy some quality conversation with likeminded Artist/Mothers! One call will take place around the halfway point of the 12 weeks, and the second taking place around the final week of the program.

Please visit our shop page to secure your spot in the Artist/Mother Crit Group program! (partial payment option )

We have a line up of incredible mentors who will be serving as organizational heads for your group! They will be responsible for providing the bulk of the feedback for each group member, as well as scheduling the 3 virtual video chats you will have over the course of the 12 week program.

Please take some time to browse through all of our mentors, clicking through to their websites and getting to know them. It is a not a requirement, or necessarily a suggestion that you are paired with a mentor who works in the same medium as you. Each of these mentors are capable and skilled in dialoguing about any kind of art, and there is much to be gained from being partnered with someone outside of your comfort zone!

After you purchase your membership, you will be prompted to share your top mentor preferences. We cannot guarantee which mentor you will be paired with but we will absolutely do our best to accomodate your desire to work with the mentor of your choice!

It might be useful to be paired with a mentor in your time zone, though this is not essential as most of the critique will take place on your own time. The mentor will be flexible and work with everyone in the group to ensure that the group video calls will take place during a time when everyone can participate.

Critique style:
Your mentors bring a variety of critique styles to the table. A benefit to how this program is set up is that you will be able to switch mentors and work with someone else when our next 12 week program (beginning in April 2020) comes around if you choose!
While no two mentors are alike, all of the mentors leading this program are incredibly kind, thoughtful, and compassionate human beings. They will be honest and firm in the feedback they provide, but no judgement or harsh words will be exchanged.
We expect all members participating in the group crits to obtain the same level of kind and insightful responses, refraining from demeaning, slandering or shaming anyone within the group. Conversations will be moderated by the mentor and visible to Kaylan, as head facilitator of the program. Our community is known for the deep encouragement and spirit of championing that we provide to one another. This program will be no different!

Bonus mentor opportunity!
Everyone participating in the Artist/Mother Crit Group Program will have the option to participate in a webinar with professional practice guru Anna Ogier-Bloomer!

Anna Ogier-Bloomer is an artist, educator, and arts career specialist who has advised thousands of artists, designers, and other creatives both independently and through her roles at the School of Visual Arts and Parsons School of Design in New York. She is an advocate for artists navigating personal, professional and artistic developmental hurdles, questions, and opportunities. Her work has been published and exhibited widely including publications such as Huffington Post, Feature Shoot, and Refinery29, and venues such as Paul Robeson Gallery at Rutgers University and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. She has been an Artist in Residence at Wassaic Project and a Feminist in Residence at Project for Empty Space. She has taught at School of Visual Arts, the City University of New York, and now the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she also serves as the Director of Curriculum Analysis and Planning. She lives in Chicago with her husband and two children, and travels often to lecture and make work.

Creating Your Art Career

This workshop will break down the myths of how artists make a living, and will show how we are really crafting lives around a studio practice. We will look at how to develop a professional studio practice and how to present yourself and your work professionally. I will teach you how to create the materials essential to gaining artist opportunities, such as exhibitions, residencies, grants, and more, and will present best practices on online engagement, portfolio presentation, and application materials. Participants will leave with a better understanding of how to create the career they want. You can submit questions in advance and receive feedback during the workshop.

Anna will be hosting a virtual workshop addressing all the topics above, exclusive to Crit Group members in May! Details TBA.

Please visit our shop page to secure your spot in the Artist/Mother Crit Group program! (partial payment option )

Do you have questions or need more info? Please email Kaylan at artistmotherpodcast@gmail.com