2022 Crit Group Information

ENROLLMENT OPENS November 22nd, 2021!! 11am ET (for our January – April 2022 program)

Welcome to the Artist/Mother Crit Group Program! We have had over 300 women enrolled in our program and have received countless kind words and accolades about it. Our program offers a way for you to receive thoughtful feedback and insight on your work. Our program options are open to any female-identifying artist in the world…artists of all backgrounds, mediums and education levels. You do not have to be a mother to participate in our program and we welcome trans and cis women as well as genderqueer, and non-binary people.

We have two program options depending on your needs, Crit Group Studio Visits & Crit Group Crew. Please click through each page and read through each option carefully and make sure you are signing up for the program that will best serve you!

Crit Group Crew is offered only 2x a year (Jan – April + Aug-Oct)!
Crit Group Studio Visits can be booked any time.

Our Crit Group Crew program places you in a group of 3-4 women plus a Mentor and Visiting Artist/Arts Professional. Your group meets over 3 months, providing an intimate network of accountability and encouragement to each other. Sign ups are limited to 2x a year.


Our Crit Group Studio Visit Program is a one-time mentor opportunity. You will book your spot to receive a 1 hour zoom call session with your selected mentor to discuss your work. They will give feedback and encouragement and send a follow up email with a focused plan for you to move forward from.


We have a line up of incredible Mentors + Visiting Artists who will be serving as organizational heads for your group (Crit Group Crew) or give you feedback (Studio Visit)! Please be sure to check out the corresponding page for the program option, Crew or Studio Visits as the mentor’s are different for each offering. Before booking, please take some time to browse through ALL of our mentors for your selected program, clicking through to their websites and getting to know them.

Critique style:
Our mentors bring a variety of critique styles to the table. One benefit to how this program is set up is that you will be able to switch mentors and work with someone else if you choose to participate in this program multiple times.
While no two mentors are alike, all of the mentors leading this program are incredibly kind, thoughtful, and compassionate human beings. They will be honest and firm in the feedback they provide, but no judgement or harsh words will be exchanged.
We expect all members participating in the group crits to obtain the same level of kind and insightful responses, refraining from demeaning, slandering or shaming anyone within the group. Conversations will be moderated by the mentor and visible to Kaylan, as head facilitator of the program. Our community is known for the deep encouragement and spirit of championing that we provide to one another. This program will be no different!

Head to our shop to book a spot in our Crit Group Program! ENROLLMENT OPENS November 22nd, 2021!! 11am ET (for our January – April 2022 program)