What started as a podcast has morphed into a big, bold, beautiful community. In December 2018, Kaylan started recording episodes from her living room…reaching out to the small circle of artists who were mother’s that she knew and asking to hear more about their story. Episodes were released beginning in February of 2019 and within a few weeks artist/mothers from all over started reaching out and connecting. The rest, as they say, is sort of history… a retreat happened, a Crit group was formed and we have grown our community and tweaked our offerings and hope to continue to do this work for many many years to come. As long as there will be people making art there will be mothers making art and we hope there is always a space to uplift and support their art practices and well being.

While our community is rooted in the artist/mother identity, we want to support any female-identifying artist in the world…artists of all backgrounds, mediums and education levels. We don’t believe you have to be a mother, to be a mother-er and we believe every artist in every phase of their career needs community and has something of value. We welcome trans and cis women as well as genderqueer, and non-binary people. Black Lives Matter in this community and we hope our podcast and programming alway represent the underrepresented in our society and provides all of us a place to gather, grow, and share our stories and art practices.

Kaylan Buteyn
– founder, facilitator, podcaster, big picture planner

Robin Kenny
– administrator, Crit Group organizer, attention to details

Lyndy Bazile
– media, design & beautification

Kaylan Buteyn is an artist, curator, founder of the Artist/Mother Podcast and founder of Stay Home Gallery & Residency. Her practice primarily focuses on female empowerment, the maternal experience, and community engagement. Her paintings are rooted in abstraction, often referencing the maternal form. She has exhibited in galleries and community spaces internationally. In 2019, as a social extension of her art practice, Kaylan started the Artist/Mother Podcast, sharing interviews of working artists who are mothers. The podcast has grown to a large network of women artists and offers support and encouragement for them through exhibitions, publications, retreats, a crit group program and more. In 2020 as a response to the global covid-19 pandemic, Kaylan co-founded Stay Home Gallery with Pam Taylor and the two took their virtual gallery physical when Kaylan offered her home and artist studio in rural Tennessee as a brick and mortar gallery and artist residency space. Kaylan holds an MFA from the New Hampshire Institute of Art. She now lives with her partner and their 3 children in Fort Wayne, IN. 

Robin Kenny grew up in beautiful Franklin, Tennessee, just south of Nashville, and currently resides there with her husband and two children.  Her artworks are romantically patterned journal entries of life as a woman and mother.After earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Art from Carson-Newman College, she moved to Tallahassee, Florida to complete her Master of Fine Arts degree from Florida State University. Robin has shown around the country, and was most recently published in Kolaj Magazine and Candyfloss Magazine.  She is also the Administrator for the Artist/Mother Podcast. 

Lyndy Bazile is a mother and artist with a focus in animation and painting. Lyndy has worked as an animator on several web series, including Jonathan Katzs’ “Hey, We’re Back!” as well as “Explosion Bus”. She is currently focused on creating paintings depicting groups of female figures as they support, comfort and care for one another. She has also recently begun installing large scale, exterior murals around her hometown in Indiana.

Mindy Sue Wittock is an artist and mother who works out of her home studio in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. She makes soft sculpture that explores the intersection of childhood memory and nostalgia. Wittock has an MFA from Arizona State University with a concentration in fibers. She has previously worked as an associate lecturer of art at the University of Wisconsin Fond du Lac and the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. Wittock has an extensive exhibition record and has taught many textile-based workshops. She survives on coffee and enjoys watching vintage television shows, listening to 80’s music, and going on adventures with her husband, daughter, and pup. Mindy Sue Wittock is also a co-founder of The Wondermakers Collective with the incredible illustrator and coffee drinker Jenna Freimuth.