Crit Group Crew: Eastern Time Zone


Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA

Mother to 3 daughters: twin 15 year olds and a 6 year old

Knows these materials well: Flashe, acrylics, Tilt Brush (VR Painting Program), gouache, watercolor


IG: @arden2bees

Specialties: Gallery representation (I’ve been represented by my primary for 10 years, and have been represented by my other two for 4 years each), navigating the complexities of working with multiple galleries, the differences between non-profit and museum exhibitions vs commercial galleries, combining travel with kids and art, developing business partners in your community in order to sustain your career, homeschooling, scheduling studio time, budgeting, the importance of spending money on certain things (like professional documentation, assistance with skills that you need, quality materials), and where you might be able to save money (recycling studio supplies, learning certain skills rather than paying someone else, bartering with friends)

“I am primarily a painter, working abstractly but heavily influenced by place and landscape. I tend to work both very large and very small, pretty quickly, with intense color and texture. I also work with Virtual Reality painting, and have been exploring the combination of video and painting. I also have a regular practice of making watercolors while traveling – whether it is in the car during the long roadtrips I plan for my family, or during hikes with my family.”


Location: Athens, OH, USA

Mother to 2 daughters ages 10 and 5

Knows these materials well: I have extensive experience with a wide range of media, including painting, photography, video, ceramics, textiles, and found-object and recyclable materials. As an interdisciplinary artist, my goal is to develop bodies of work with the medium that best conveys the message I am trying to express. A common thread through all of my work is “the medium is the message,” and as such I embrace the opportunity to work with all types of materials and processes.


IG: @kaseyjones_art

Specialties: “I have two areas of expertise that I specialize in: creating art through a social justice lens and collaborative community art practices.”

“I want mothers, women and female identifying artists to reclaim their voices in contemporary art. For centuries the voice of the mother and the voice of the woman have always been depicted through the lens of men and male artists. I want to encourage women and mothers to share their authentic voices through their lived experiences. I want them to know that true representation is the product of our collective effort to share our raw, personal experiences with the world.”


Location: Warwick, NY, USA

Mother to a 12 and 15 year old

Knows these materials well:  “I am an interdisciplinary artist and I work primarily with textiles and found objects like furniture, clothing and bedding. I am interested in the space between painting and sculpture and my works engage both the wall and the floor. I have a collage practice and a background in photography and graphic design. I have also created a large outdoor inflatable sculpture and I am currently interested in working in miniature.”


IG: @lesliefandrich

Specialties:  I am interested in the interplay between subject and object and the liminal nature of our bodies. I create objects and spaces that may allow the viewer to re-experience and recall moments of transformation from childhood. I am interested in the boundaries of our bodies and how we are in relationship to our domestic spaces and to each other. My process is centered in deconstructing existing materials into parts and then finding ways to put things back together into wholes that are often still just parts. The relationship of parts and wholes is at the heart of everything that I do and was the focus of a recent show that I participated in. You can hear me speaking about it here:

“I have a really strong background in art history and art theory. In addition to art theory I also read a lot of feminist and queer theory. I can help artists develop both a theoretical and istorical framework in which to grow their practice. Providing a critical contemporary context is also very important to me. I try to visit museums as often as I can, as well as shows in New York City, Boston and the Hudson Valley. Understanding the current landscape of what artists are making, questioning and pushing forward is essential.”

Link to video:


Location: Hollywood, FL, USA

Mother to a 5 year old daughter

Knows these materials well: “I am a painter. Since becoming a mother, I have been using mainly acrylic and Acryla Gouache, but I have worked extensively in oil painting before my pregnancy. I am slowly getting back to work in oil paint. I’ve taught various college courses on painting, drawing and color theory.”



Specialties: I will help artists find their own voice and develop a cohesive series of work. I can offer traditional art critique, and demonstrate how to use material specially in painting and drawing. 

“When I first became a mother, I felt isolated and did not know how to manage my art making time and call myself an artist again. This unnerving period felt like it would last forever. It was hard to find other artists who were mothering and making work and sharing their own experiences. It would have been wonderful if this type of community and mentorship existed for me at that crucial transitional time. Now I’m grateful to be able to share my own experiences and contribute to this community.”


Location: Chesapeake, VA, USA

Mother to three children ages 10, 8 and 3

Knows these materials well: “I am a conceptual artist and I work primarily in photo and video. I often work collaboratively with my kids in performative scenarios that I document.”


IG: @meganwynnestudio

Specialties: Painting, drawing, photography, video, conceptual art, and tap dancing. I think I’m kind of unique in that my breadth of material knowledge is pretty wide. I have a wealth of knowledge in many different art mediums including performance and dance, but I have degrees in New Genres and Sculpture. I have experience in working with galleries, I’ve been in an MFA program, I’ve taught at the collegiate level. I have experience in working collaboratively in art and now in public television!

“It feels like things are coming full circle when I work with other artist mothers. I see myself in them. I’ve taught college before but working with artist mothers feels like the exact right place to be, like we’re all fighting a similar fight. The camaraderie and the encouragement is on another level that what I’ve seen before when I’ve worked with groups of students. As someone who also addresses motherhood in my work I believe that asserting the importance of the perspective of the mother in art is a calling of mine. Its something that needs to happen and I feel capable to do it, and I enjoy it immensely.”


Location: Gill, Massachusetts, USA

Mother to an almost 5 year old, and lives with a bunch of (non-binary) teenagers in the school’s all gender dorm.

Knows these materials well: “I am a color nerd. I watch oil paint being made on Instagram all the time. I think if it has to do with oil paint, mediums, techniques, even something that’s considered non-traditional or what on earth is archival… I’m your girl. I am also fluent in sewing, hand quilting, and improv quilting.”


IG: @lascocorwin

Specialties: “I would consider a specialty of mine giving honest and constructive feedback to people in transition. It’s a familiar place for me, as I recently struggled with burnout after a sabbatical year and finding the motivation and creative calling to get my flow back. Truthfully, it was tragic. The only way out is through and sometimes working with people to offset your ideas can be helpful. On a much more minor note, there is a gallery here at the school that I work to fill 6 week slots for. We have recently changed gallery directors, so I have taken on that role this year (hopefully someone new will come in to take over this summer). I can definitely offer any expertise on gallery work and also finding artists to fill up the space here.”

“I identify as a painter, but I work across the spectrum of media like oil, spray paint and textiles. Right now, the oil and spray paint have their own practice, while the textiles have their own: it’s still an interesting dynamic as they inspire each other, but I find they don’t really occupy the same audience. I find this a similar conversation around the last interview with Jamie Smith on the A/M Podcast about the role utilitarian work and fine art. In our group show in Southside Gallery, I showed my series of small paintings that were made from geometric cutouts of old work and quilted together. Then, they were dipped in resin. Some of the collages were made with stickers from my son (he helped), and also other ephemera found around my studio: old sketchbook drawings, cut up postcards from previous shows, photographs, etc.”