Crit Group Crew: Mindy & Lauren

Mentor: Mindy Meyers

Location: Iron Mountain, MI, USA – CT

Mother to one 7 year old daughter


IG: @mindymaker

Mentorship Style: I work out of my home studio and have learned how to manage my studio time, job, and domestic life. My critique style is open, honest, and constructive. My experience teaching in academia has made me a strong objective observer and I love talking about art, process and ideas. I will be your cheerleader and look forward to talking with you about your concepts and execution in your artwork.

Bio: Mindy Sue Wittock is an artist and mother who works out of her home studio in Upper Michigan. She makes soft sculpture that explores the intersection of childhood memory and experiences in motherhood. Wittock has an MFA from Arizona State University with a concentration in fibers. She has previously worked as an associate lecturer of art at the University of Wisconsin Fond du Lac and the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. Wittock has an extensive exhibition record and has taught many textile-based workshops. She survives on coffee, enjoys watching vintage television shows, and listening to 80’s music.

I Care, 2021, Soft Sculpture 36in x 24in x 7 in

“I use sewing and stitching techniques to create soft sculptures and textiles that are inspired by the intangible phantom of nostalgia. I collect toys, objects of play, and pop culture cloth such as t shirts and bedding to build pieces and cover surfaces that explore memory of a time passed. The act of sewing, of passing each object through my hands as I embellish, is the act of preserving the limitations of memory and fusing together the past and present with each stitch.”

Visiting Arts Professional: Lauren Jackson Harris

IG: @ljacksonharris

art consultant + curator
Co-Founder @blackwomeninvisualart
Partner @theconvening.womeninart
Manager @guardianstudios.atl

Bio: Lauren Harris is an arts management professional, independent curator, and creative director from Atlanta, GA. After earning her BFA in Graphic Design and Art History from Howard University, Lauren quickly immersed herself into New York City’s gallery world in addition to the growing arts scene in Washington, DC.

Since returning to Atlanta in 2010, Lauren has enjoyed using her seasoned networking experience with outreach and program management to activate the arts within Metro Atlanta communities. With an MA in Creative Business Leadership from SCAD, she uses her innovative strategies and progressive ideas to help ignite the arts community and create new avenues for artists and arts workers. Her most recent position was working as the Gallery Manager and Curator of ZuCot Gallery, a black-owned fine art gallery exhibiting the works of notable Black artists. 

Currently working with the Atlanta University Center Art History + Curatorial Studies Collective, Lauren supports the innovative program by stewarding future curators, art historians, and museum professionals in the art world, shaping their trajectory and careers. Another way she engages with the art world is by developing and supporting Artists of the Diaspora and producing and curating art exhibitions and experiences. 

Through her roles as Co-Founder of Black Women in Visual Art (BWVA), Board Member for Tessera Arts Collective, Public Art Advisory Council member for Art of the Beltine, and juror for exhibitions around Atlanta, Lauren stays connected with the creative economy of Atlanta and beyond and works to create equity for Black artists and workers, while adding qualitative changes to the arts ecosystem, engaging with other BWVA’s, and transforming the arts one step at a time.