Crit Group Crew: Mountain Time Zone


Location: Las Cruces, NM, USA

Mother to two young adults

Knows these materials well: Clay, ceramics and some mixed media, installation, art writing


IG: @sharbanidasgupta

Specialties: Community building through participation and volunteering that leads to finding doorways as an outsider. Time management and prioritization. Sources of inspiration and growth.

 Sharbani Das Gupta graduated in Visual Communications from the National Institute of Design, India and apprenticed in ceramics with Ray Meeker in Pondicherry. After relocating to Albuquerque, she was a studio assistant at the University of New Mexico, an artist-in-residence at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, at Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center in Israel, Skopelos Arts Foundation in Greece, FLICAM in China and this year she will be a Summer Fellow at the Archie Bray in Montana.A member of the International Academy of Ceramics and Art Axis, she is a founder-member and co-curator of theIndian Ceramics Triennale. Sharbani has exhibited in the UK, China, Greece, Israel, USA, Australia, Taiwan and India, was in ‘50 Women’ at NCECA in Kansas City and will be in the Scripps Annual 2022 in Los Angeles. Her work is in several public and private collections and is published in The Craft and Art of Clay, Southwest Contemporary and other journals. A writer herself, she is on the board of the Studio Potter magazine and has contributed articles to Art India, Ceramic Art & Perception, Ceramics Ireland, New Ceramics, and The Studio Potter among others.


Location: Galisteo, NM, USA

Mother to one 7 year old daughter

Knows these materials well: Painting, drawing, framing, shipping


IG: @emilyleonardstudio

Specialties: Studio practice, establishing good habits, mental/emotional work, pricing and financial planning, gallery representation and cultivating your voice – learning how to hear it!

“I have been a full-time studio artist for over twenty years. My paintings are included in numerous private and public collections around the world and I have worked with many galleries across the US. 

Focusing on landscape and botanicals as my subject, I have cultivated a layering process in which I break down an image and build it back slowly with hundreds of washy glazes and gestures that are more searching than literal. My pieces both take time and contain time. I want them to come upon the viewer as such, slowly and intimately, as if the viewer feels like they found this image instead of me. I’m interested in the experience of being in your body in a place. Rather than painting the tree out the kitchen window, I want to paint what it feels like to stand at the kitchen window and look at the tree. I paint to excavate the truth from the literal, the space from the air, and the seeing from the looking.”


Location: Albuquerque, NM, USA

Mother to two young children

Knows these materials well: Wet and Dry Drawing Media, Paint, Collage, Printmaking, Mixed Media and Botanical Dyes, Sustainable Studio, Non-Violent communication, fluent in German and conversational in Spanish,


IG: @danila.rumold

Specialties: Mentees will be supported in finding an art/life balance and the development of a strong studio practice, through focusing on time management skills, establishing clear routines and the art of “stacking.” In doing so, artists will become more efficient artist/mothers, increasing productivity as well as clarifying their artistic voices. Formally a professor of Fine Arts, I offer art historical contexts to work, while engaging mentees to learn how to speak about their work in supportive group critiques (observation sessions) that prioritizes non violent communication.

“My process involves extracting botanical color from foraged plants and foods. Staining mulberry paper and canvas with the earthy natural dyes, I combine them with readymade materials. Finding freedom in playing with materials, I employ household tools, such as stove-top burners, washing machines and irons into the surfaces preparation. By doing so, I integrate domestic life with art-making.”