Crit Group Crew: Danila & Mira

Mentor: Danila Rumold

Location: Albuquerque, NM, USA – MT

Mother to two young children

Fluent in German and conversational in Spanish,


IG: @danila.rumold

Mentorship Style: “Connecting hand to heart, I guide artists to uncover their authentic voices. Providing practical structures, I help artists become self reliant in their studio practices. By facilitating self actualization, artists leave with confidence and clarity.”

Bio: Danila Rumold creates process based drawings, collages and installations. Integrating the colors and textures of the natural world with the routines of daily life, her work seeks to integrate art and life. Rumold attended Vermont Studios, Artist Residency, Johnson, Vermont in 2009 and the Ora Lerman Charitable Trust Artist Residency, Pennsylvania in 2010. Selected exhibitions include: Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA, SFMOMA Artist Gallery, San Francisco, CA and the Painting Center, New York, NY. She has had two solo exhibitions at Exhibit/208 (2018) and Harwood Art Center (2019) in Albuquerque, NM.

Ratna, 48″ x 48,” onion skin dye and iron on Kozo, 2021

“I make drawings, prints, collages and installations. Integrating the colors and textures of the natural world with the routines of daily life, my work seeks to integrate art and life. My work is post-minimal, which is abstract, process based and has a strong material presence reminiscent of cracks in the dry desert earth, the spots and wrinkles that appear on our skin through the aging process, and the variegated textures and colors of desert plants and rocks that compose a subtle and rich landscape in the high Desert Mesa where I live. My compositions utilize modular geometric and organic shapes, as well as variegated line, in a way to explore interconnection and diversity. Foraging and collecting plants and other raw materials, I am dying and staining mulberry paper and cotton canvas with botanical colors. Exposing the processed materials to natural elements, I imbue them with the marks of weather, time, and a sense of place. Using household tools such as stovetop burners, washing machines, and irons, I add marks of domesticity to the texture of the work. Cutting, tearing and piecing together fragments of paper and canvas, I mend the surfaces back together, giving it a feeling of patchwork. Together, the results of these processes evoke a connection to its making revealing authenticity, accident, the unknown, unpredictability, imperfection, decay and beauty.”

Visiting Artist: Mira Burack

Website & IG: @matterology

Bio: Mira Burack is an artist living in the mountains of New Mexico on the unceded land of Pueblo peoples.

She received an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art and BA in Studio Art and Psychology from Pepperdine University. Burack was born in Boston, Massachusetts and grew up on the coast of Maine. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally at the CUE Art Foundation in New York City, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the New Mexico Museum of Art, 516 Arts, Muskegon Art Museum, Cranbrook Art Museum, Media Knox Gallery in Slovenia, Art Gallery of Windsor in Canada, Kunstverin Wolfsburg in Germany, among others. She has lectured, taught workshops, and was a faculty member at the College for Creative Studies. She received a Community + Public Arts Detroit grant for The Edible Hut, a community space with a living edible roof. In 2020, she was selected for the Women to Watch exhibition at the National Museum for Women in the Arts. Recently, she was nominated for a Joan Mitchell Foundation Painters & Sculptors grant and the Anonymous Was a Woman Award.

Mira spends her time learning from the high desert land, making, and enjoying her family.

Sleep Angel (Grieving Angel), 2021, Goose down comforter, photography collage (photographs of goose down comforter), 84″ x 84″