Crit Group Crew: Pacific Time Zone


Location: South Lake Tahoe, CA, USA

Mother to a 6 year old and an 8 year old

Knows these materials well: My work is based almost completely in the painting vernacular. My materials range from oil and acrylic to ink, bleach, charcoal and graphite embedded into and onto various surfaces such as denim, dyed canvas and printed fabrics.


IG: @julia.schwadron.marianelli

Specialties: My areas of specialization include building community, identifying the greater conversation in which you’d like your art (and yourself) to participate, connecting the dots with people who have disparate bodies of work they want to unify, and really getting down to understanding what a studio practice can look like. I am a good writer, and I can really help folks write about and edit writing on their work in meaningful ways. All painting/drawing materials are my personal expertise, but I’m conversant in most all other formal art materials. What I don’t know, I know how to find out and am very good at connecting people to other experts who can be helpful.

“I really rely on my own mentors and have maintained meaningful relationships with them for decades so I know the value of a mentorship deeply. I feel that mentoring is a strength of mine that I can give back to a community of artists. In particular, I would be honored to work with other Mothers or Mother Figures who I feel have traditionally been left out of this kind of conversation.”


Location: Vallejo, CA, USA

Mother of 5 ages 30, 33, 34, 36, 40 and Grandmother ages 4 and 11

Knows these materials well: Acrylic, oil paint, mixed media. Abstraction, and expression through art


IG: @zioniani

Specialties: I offer a great critique of work. I offer advice on approaching galleries including excellent web site advice. I offer insight on the broad range of career options open to artists. I work best with painters, particularly abstract painters.

“Although I consider myself a painter I rarely use a brush. My paintings are layered with paper, fabric found objects and rust. Recently I have been experimenting with shaped panels. Shapes hold power. The wedge and shield shapes are associated with the warrior. I have combined hand made brushes with shaped wooden panels to emphasize the power of the artist as the protector and healer of society. Throughout history artists have not only recorded and responded to events, but have served to direct, influence and heal the wounds of ailing cultures. I believe in the power of art to heal, not only the maker, but the audience too.”