Crit Group Crew

Our Crit Group Crew program places you in a group of 3-4 women plus a mentor. Your group meets over 3 months, providing an intimate network of accountability and encouragement to each other. Sign ups are limited to 2x a year.

This program is for you if…
– You desire constructive and helpful feedback on your art
– You have questions you want to work through over time
– You are looking to connect with other Artist/Mothers in a tighter-knit group
– You are needing the accountability of warm and vibrant peers to help you stay engaged with your art practice
– You don’t have many people in your life to “talk shop” with and discuss your work or life as an artist
– You need connection with other Artist/Mothers but are limited in the time you can commit to building your own community
– You need the flexibility of a virtual program that can be done from your computer/phone
– You need more peers in your life who take you seriously and are willing to spend time thinking thoughtfully about your work
– You care deeply about your work and desire to connect and be in conversation with other artists who do too!

How it works:
The 12 week program will take place from January 11th through April 1st, 2021. You will be placed in a group of 3-4 members, plus one of our selected mentors.

Each person will recieve:

  •  2 rounds of feedback/critique on their work via Zoom
  •  Select conversations to support you in achieving your studio practice goals 
  •  Access to weekly communication group via Marco Polo (a free video messaging app) for more intimate conversations and encouragement.
  •  1 opportunity to present an artist talk to our program and listeners 
  •  16 weeks of access to our Artist/Mother Network, our online platform created specifically for our community. You will have free access to the Network for the duration of the course (which includes many other perks and bonuses). 

More details:
Groups will set the crit schedules in advance so you are aware of the weeks you will go and can work accordingly. The critique will take place via Zoom on selected weeks. You will upload your images, pose questions when it is your week, and your mentor, plus everyone else in the group will provide thorough feedback and encouragement.

You get out what you put into this program!
You are strongly encouraged to participate every week and provide feedback to the other members of your group, exercising your own muscle of sharing thoughtful insight and encouraging your peers. 

Browse our incredible Crit Group Crew Mentors!
We cannot guarantee which mentor you will be paired with but we will absolutely do our best to accomodate your desire to work with the mentor of your choice!

It might be useful to be paired with a mentor in your time zone, though this is not essential as most of the critique will take place on your own time. The mentor will be flexible and work with everyone in the group to ensure that the group video calls will take place during a time when everyone can participate.

Artist Talk Opportunity!
Everyone participating in the Crit Group Crew program will have the option to sign up for one slot to present an artist talk to a group of panelists from our community! These panelists will provide you with feedback about your talk, sharing some tips for improvement and encouragement!

Time slots will take place on:

Do you have questions or need more info? Please email Robin at

Crit Group Crew Program fees:
$315 Regular price 
$290 Crit Group Alum price
$275 Scholarship Price
*payment plan available

A select amount of scholarships are available for:
-womxn of color
-single parents
-Chronically ill or disabled 
-under 40k combined household income

If you qualify for our scholarship price, simply email us to receive your discount code before purchasing your Crit Group enrollment ticket!

Please visit our shop page to secure your spot in the Artist/Mother Crit Group Crew program! (partial payment option )