Crit Group Crew Mentors

The mentors listed on this page are for our Crit Group Crew program. Our Crit Group Crew program places you in a group of 3-4 women plus a mentor. Your group meets over 3 months, providing an intimate network of accountability and encouragement to each other. Sign ups are limited to 2x a year.

Please be sure to browse every mentor! After purchasing your spot in our program, you will receive an email response (check your trash or spam!) with instructions for you to submit your mentor choices to us. We cannot guarantee which mentor you will be paired with but we will absolutely do our best to accommodate your desire to work with the mentor of your choice!

It is a not a requirement, or necessarily a suggestion that you are paired with a mentor who works in the same medium as you. Each of these mentors are capable and skilled in dialoguing about any kind of art, and there is much to be gained from being partnered with someone outside of your comfort zone!

You are not required to be with a mentor who lives in your time zone, though it sometimes helps with scheduling meeting times to have one in a more similar time zone if possible.

Mentors in Eastern Time Zone
Mentors in Central Time Zone
Mentors in Mountain Time Zone
Mentors in Pacific Time Zone
Mentors in European Time Zones