Kind Words about our Wearing All the Hats Course

I can’t say that there is one big take away because there were SO MANY takeaways! Being self taught I didn’t know what I didn’t know. BUT now I know!!! The big focus for me was getting my website, bio and artist statements in tip top shape. I’m really proud of that work and have really appreciated the nudges and support of the fabulous artist mother community and especially Kaylan and Isadore’s instruction and encouragement. Worth every penny, this is one generous place to be. – Jen Broemel

I have felt so lucky to be a part of the Wearing All the Hats course through the Artist Mother network this spring. What will I do once the course is over as Sundays have become such an integral part of my week. 🙂 Kaylan and Isadora developed a very thorough, dynamic course and I have benefitted a great deal.  Through transparency of a life sustained by the arts and rich presentations, this course helped me to realign and strengthen my professional practices.  Through well-researched subjects, they helped to bring clarity to some of the unspoken practices within the art world.  I truly appreciate our time together and have gained so much.  Emerging artists to those with years of the profession under their belt will benefit from this course.   Do yourself a favor and sign up.  Highly recommend! – Jean Gray Mohs

 As a brand new mom, I was unsure if the course would be a good fit for me during this particular moment. However, the course has become a touchstone for keeping me engaged and forward-thinking about my art practice, and has in fact been very well-timed as I navigate the transition to being an artist/mother! I haven’t been able to complete every assignment, but I know that all of my notes and the material from class will serve me for years to come. As Isadora says, art is the “long-game.” The different topics have also helped me put more intention and structure behind some things I was already doing and has introduced me to new avenues I have wanted to consider such as galleries and exhibitions. I feel better equipped to be more strategic going forward now that I have laid out my goals more clearly.  This course has helped give me the confidence that I can (and should) continue to pursue my practice as well as practical skills and knowledge. I will miss having our weekly sessions! – Nora Schuchat

I have recommended WATH to friends! I love that this is a professional practices course that gets you to think more about what you want to get out of your career in art and goes over the practical methods to get there. Essentially, it’s business therapy for artists. 
I really appreciate the emphasis on individual reflection in this class, and how a career in art need not be this single linear path. Then the course material followed this up to give us the tools to make our own way in real manageable steps. This combination of visualization and actionable steps makes this course so effective, meaningful, and empowering. In addition to finally getting to all those important business tasks I’d been putting off (website maintenance, bookkeeping, etc.), I feel more confidence in where I am professionally right now. I have better clarity in where I want to go and what to focus to make that happen. – Amanda Mulcahy

Wearing All The Hats has been an incredible resource for me this year. As an artist/mother I struggled with finding my identity as a mother and an artist for many years, and really felt bogged down by all the hats I wore. Making the time and space for this professional practice course each week allowed me to really dive into my artistic practice both in the studio and as an entrepreneur. Even though I had completed my MFA, I was never taught many of the skills that an artist needs when they enter the workplace. From the early weeks where we talked about vision casting and affirmations to learning about best practices for documenting our work and marketing oneself, I found myself learning new tactics to help keep myself better organized so that when opportunities arise I am ready. In the few months I have been taking the course my professional practice as an artist has seen rewards. I finally have a better sense of my budget as an artist, I have a clear sense of how to organize my digital files (which was always an overwhelming experience), and I feel more confident to share my art and studio with others. I also made connections with a network of fabulous artist/mothers who guided and supported one another each week. This course was truly the best gift I could have given myself. – Alison Judd

This course has been so helpful. So many of the things I have been been wondering about regarding the professional practice of being an artist have been addressed in detail. Almost none of this information was covered in art school. I feel so much more prepared and confident, knowing that I am organized and more prepared to present myself as a professional. Having a community to talk to and give and receive encouragement has been so motivating. I’m extremely grateful I signed up! – Jennifer Chaney

The professional practice course has been a wonderful way to implement new processes and modes of thinking in my artistic practice, and to build community with fellow artist/mothers. Kaylan and Isadora have created an inclusive, friendly, and empowering environment for artist/mothers at all levels to grow as artists, parents, and professionals. Through this course I have gained invaluable knowledge about polishing my artist statement, photographing and cataloguing my work, using Instagram as a tool for authentic engagement rather than burnout, and much more. I’ve especially appreciated the focus on how to incorporate sustainable practices in a way that works best for your own growth and development. I am so excited to continue implementing the incredible wealth of knowledge from this course in my journey as a thriving artist/mother. – Sarah M Burford

This course has helped build so much confidence in me. It has strengthened my current relationship with a gallery and I’ve been able to handle everything more professionally since taking this class. It opened my eyes to things I can always be doing behind the scenes to better my art practice and my career. From photographing my work, inventory and keeping price lists, each one give me the confidence to present myself as a professional working artist. I’d recommend this class to anyone wanting to build upon those “behind the scenes” tasks that really make you more put together which helps dispel the flighty artist stereotype. Being organized does help you stand out. – Catie Daniel

Life-changing, empowering, inspiring, thought provoking, and encouraging: these are just some of the words I would use to describe the Wearing All the Hats Professional Practice Course.  For years, I had been playing and experimenting with my art but never put it out into the world. I kept telling myself that I would build a career after my kids were in school, when I would have more time. When I heard about this course, I figured it would be great to take just so that I could know where to begin in a couple of years. It did not work out that way though, because I have been able to accomplish an enormous amount  NOW.  In just a few months, I have an artist statement, biography, and resume that I feel confident about sharing.  I have started tracking my expenses and my inventory is seriously a thing of beauty (I love organization).  I started an Instagram account, and learned what kind of photos I need to have of my work.  I was terrified of grant writing, but now I have no doubt that I can navigate it.  I never could have imagined that I would already be this far along and have this much knowledge in such a short amount of time.  If you are looking for a place to begin, this course is an absolute must!  I am forever grateful to Isadora and Kaylan for getting me started on the path that I want to take through the art world. – Sarah Robl

This has been a wonderful experience and I thank Kaylan and Isadora for all their work and  leadership in this course. WATH has helped me to examine the foundations of my art practice and make sure that they are sound. It was incredible to learn the systems that I had left out or skipped  and to see how important they are to the overall flow of my life and career. I would highly recommend artists/mothers in any stage of their career to  take this course and use it as a re-set button to move into their next career stage with confidence and sustainability. –Jennie Johnston

The knowledge I have gained from WATH has made me less fearful, more confident about showing up as an artist, talking about my work to others. A lot of my fears have been put to rest (I will always have fear no doubt, but it is now manageable!). I am amazed how structure can do that. The classes have been intense, I needed a recovery period after each session. The sessions have affected my perception of who I am as an artist, my perception of the value of my artwork, and have influenced decisions I make for how I spend my time in and out of the studio. Oh how valuable time is. I feel I am in a spiral with what I am learning, putting it into practice, making mistakes, learning in hindsight how to do it better, putting it into practice again, getting it down: such satisfying activity. I love it that I am in a cohort, striving to internalize the information along with others. (wish there were a little more interaction between students, oh well, c’est la vie) 

I am surprised at how much of my time is eaten up by the administrative tasks of being an artist, once I started treating my work as a business. I am hoping the more familiar I am with putting everything into practice it will go quicker. Most importantly, I aim to make the best art that I can, and WATH has given me confidence to go forward!

Since the class started in January, I have:

1) Revamped my website (although it still needs work) and improved my Instagram postings (under 300 followers in January; I have 1, 298 followers now in mid-May)
2) Released a collection on my website from which I sold 24 paintings and swapped 6 more for services (photo documenting tutorial, quick books help, computer software/hardware upgrades, help with curriculum organization for a future class)
3) Successfully packaged and shipped 3 large paintings to the east coast (I think this was a mother/artist podcast that I followed) and 1 super large (2 feet x 4 feet) to San Diego
4)  Posted an “elevator pitch” and a month later an “artist statement” on my IG which I never would have done on my own (sold 3 paintings from the “artist statement” to a new collector who was inspired by it) 
5)  A non-profit consignment gallery found me thru my Instagram postings; I now have a nonprofit gallery which has requested 7 paintings from me for their opening in July 2021
6) 3 paintings currently hang in a show in Silverlake (Los Angeles): I am scheduled for an artist talk there in two weeks
7) 2 paintings were chosen for the virtual art exhibit “20/20 in Hindsight: A Year of Coping, Confronting, and Creating Change” sponsored by Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles:I am scheduled for an artist talk later this summer.

Debra Vodhanel

WATH has been an anchor for me as I continue to grow my art and fine craft business this year. The weekly topics on professional practice have helped me navigate ways to thrive both as a parent and full time professional artist. I have loved the weekly events on the network, and the opportunity to go back and revisit areas of the course. I especially loved gaining insight into the business side of how galleries function, and am excited to grow my body of work knowing I have the tools to create my own road map for living my life and making money as an artist/mother. – Amy Finn

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