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We are better together.

The Thrive Together Network is a membership community of female, non binary and gender fluid visual artists from all over the world. We’re all here to accomplish our goals as artists in our art practices and art businesses while following our own unique paths and supporting each other.

Our mission is to thrive together.

When one woman artist does better we all do! Unfortunately, gender inequality exists in the art world as well. At THRIVE we support trans and cis women as well as genderqueer and non binary artists proving it doesn’t have to be this way. Our community of artists help each other to become the thriving artists we are all truly meant to be!

You Will Have Access To:

✔Live Zoom weekly sessions called Art & Tea.

✔A network of 400 like-minded working artist professionals.

✔Two Virtual Residencies a year.

✔Enrolment to the Taking. Up. Space. art show program.

✔Questions, tips and resources for all things related to your art business.

✔Access to take TTN’s Critique Programs.

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