36: Natalie Baxter discusses gender stereotypes, soft sculpture and anticipating life with a baby

Natalie Baxter explores concepts of place, identity, nostalgic americana, and gender stereotypes, predominantly through soft sculpture. Natalie’s work playfully pushes controversial issues, creating an accessible entry point for unpacking matters of tension in today’s political and social landscape. We have a great discussion about her journey as an artist- how she happened upon soft sculpture […]

35: Honoring your time as a parent and artist with Beth Winterburn

In this episode I interview Beth Winterburn, an Artist/Mother living in Memphis, TN. Her paintings are characterized by their bold, gestural brush strokes and minimalist detail. She approaches her work as if it’s a problem to solve: combining and contrasting elements with and against one another to create a cohesive yet dynamic piece. Her work […]

33: Community series episode- sharing our struggles

In this episode I share the winners of the Open Call we had back in May. Each winner will receive a full interview that will be released on the Artist/Mother podcast later this year or in early 2020. You can check out the directory that includes every artist who submitted here. During the second half […]