33: Community series episode- sharing our struggles

In this episode I share the winners of the Open Call we had back in May. Each winner will receive a full interview that will be released on the Artist/Mother podcast later this year or in early 2020. You can check out the directory that includes every artist who submitted here. During the second half […]

32: Painting and parenting, methods toward deeper love with Susanna Bluhm

In this episode I interview the incredible painter Susannah Bluhm. She lives in Seattle, Washington with her wife and young son. Her paintings are semi-abstract and explore personal biography and landscape. We dive deep into her painting practice, chatting about the ways she conceptualizes ideas for paintings and how she sets up parameters to create […]

31: Postpartum painting with Jill Lavetsky

Jill Lavetsky is a visual artist and educator, specializing primarily in drawing and painting. I had a lot of fun interviewing Jill and learning about how her art shifted drastically from large scale graphite drawings to small watercolor and acrylic paintings after the birth of her daughter. At the prompting of her sister-in-law, Jill used […]

30: Making Motherhood Visible with Spilt Milk Gallery founder Lauren McLaughlin

Honored to share this interview with Lauren McLaughlin on the podcast today! Lauren McLaughlin is an award winning Scottish artist whose interdisciplinary practice includes collage, photography, neon and installation. Her work explores inequalities within societies and cultures, emphasizing the role of women and mothers. Her work has been exhibited many places including the Royal Scottish Academy, […]