23: Photographing maternal taboos and stereotypes with Megan Wynne

Megan Wynne’s work blew me away when I first saw it! It speaks directly to the heart of the maternal experience, engaging with the taboos and stereotypes associated with it. In this episode we break down some of those taboos and she shares about her studio practice (with no studio), how she uses her body as a site for expressing the intensity and demanding nature of the mother-child relationship. We talk about her shift to photography and media driven work that happened after she had kids. It is inspiring to hear Megan talk about the value she places on quality time with her kids and her role as their caregiver, to understand that she is making critical art without sacrificing her own maternal experience in the process.

Megan lives with her artist partner Blade and their 3 children in Chesapeake, Virginia. Her work has been exhibited in an extensive list of places including the Leyden Gallery in London, the Woman Made Gallery in Chicago, and the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art in Virginia Beach, VA. She has been published in Elephant Magazine, the Procreate Project Photozine, and the Maternal Journal Zine among many others. Megan has an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. She lives with her artist partner Blade and their 3 children.

Please check out more of Megan’s work on her website (http://meganwynne.net) and connect with her via Instagram @meganwynnestudio

Impregnated, archival digital print, 2016
Megan in her home studio with her 3 kids
Untitled I from Motivation, archival digital print, 2016
Untitled II and process shot from Motivation, archival digital print, 2016
Home Birth, archival digital print, 2015
Double Rebirth, archival digital print, 2017
Self Portrait, Engorgement, archival digital print, 2018
Untitled, from Mask of Motherhood, archival digital print, 2016
Untitled I from Foundation, archival digital print, 2017
Video Still from Futility, 2019

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