1: Nurturing your relationship with your art practice with Karen Seapker

Karen Seapker is an artist living and working out of Nashville, Tennessee. She received her MFA at Hunter College in NYC in 2009 and currently shows with Zeitgeist Gallery in Nashville.

We discuss many great things in this episode including how art inspires empathy, making art for the longhaul (and not sacrificing the precious time we have with our children), how motherhood affords us opportunities to become better editors of our practice and how our art practice is a relationship that we need to nurture.

Please visit Karen’s website (http://www.karenseapker.com) and her instagram to view more of her work. Also, as mentioned in the episode, her husband Bill Eberle is a great musician and you should take a listen to his work! Karen and Bill have 2 adorable daughters, Ellis and Iris. Enjoy the episode and viewing Karen’s amazing paintings!

Karen painting while holding daughter Iris
Mountain Mother, 2017, 72×60 inches, oil on canvas
Karen’s daughters in her studio
Bask, 2017, 18×14 inches, oil on panel
Pages compiled from hours spent drawing at home
Karen’s daughter Ellis in her studio
Aset, 2017, 30×24 inches, oil on canvas
Karen’s daughter Ellis viewing a new painting in her studio

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