Exhibition Submission Tips

1. Make sure your work is relevant to the show and that your work fits the theme.

2. Carefully read the requirements listed and attach ONLY what is asked for and in the proper format. Did you label your JPGS correctly? Did they ask for a zip folder? No extraneous images or verbage are needed, and in some cases, will work against you.

3. Image quality is so important! Photograph work on clean white wall with minimal or no shadows and no reflective spots. If a work is framed, photograph the work with the frame, or provide an example of how it’s framed. Photographing work in other contexts (in studio setting, in a domestic space, etc) is unnecessary when applying for shows. Better to save context images for social media. If you plan on applying to shows often, hiring a professional photographer may be worth your money and time.

4. If applying with numerous images, consider applying with works of various sizes. In a group show scenario, even if the juror loves your work, they may not be able to accommodate work that takes up a lot of space. 

5. If applying with video or sound work, be specific as to the size of monitor you will provide in order to exhibit the work. If you are unable to provide equipment needed for the exhibition, let that also be known. Similarly, if your work requires a complicated installation, please be specific. 

Images from top: Natalie Baxter, Harumi Abe, Adrienne Brown David