132: The Best Ways to Experience Authentic Growth In Your Art Career

Artist/Mother Podcast
Artist/Mother Podcast
132: The Best Ways to Experience Authentic Growth In Your Art Career

What steps have you taken to propel your art career forward? What are the most influential things you’ve done to see authentic growth? On this episode we’ve asked 12 incredible artists from our community to share their secrets. Artists who have professional careers and who are mentors in our programming. We hope you love this episode and are inspired by their answers!

The artists featured in this episode are all mentors for our current round of Crit Programming. What is our Crit Program? We get questions like that all year long and we’ve got the answers for you in this episode. Before we get into any of that, you’ll be able to hear some of our mentors share the chances they have taken on themselves and their work. We asked them, “What’s the most influential thing you’ve done for your career?” and the answers surprised and delighted us. So many of them described how they make connections in their art communities, but almost every one described ways they take chances:

  • Through saying yes
  • In trust and vulnerability
  • Through ambition
  • Through generosity
  • And in daily practice 

Hearing them describe the positive effects of connection, community, and stepping outside of their comfort zones will have you completely inspired and motivated. It’ll convince you to jump into the next thing–whatever it may be. At the Thrive Together Network, we know you’re in all different stages of development in your career as an artist. We want you to feel connected and empowered to take those chances and to create the work you’re called to create. That’s why we developed our Crit Program, and after six rounds, it’s still one of the best things about our network. In fact, many of our Crit Program members and alumni describe the clarity they gain in joining and participating in this program. Head over to https://thrivetogethernetwork.com to look into the three programs we offer and to see if one is right for you.

Already an alum of our Crit Program? This year WE are taking a chance and starting a 2.0 version! The Studio Intensive Cohort is a 5 month program providing support, mentorship and feedback on a project or goal proposed by the participant. You will be paired with 1 mentor and 2-3 other artists in a small group with whom you will meet virtually once a month. You will apply with a project or proposal. Your first meeting will help you clarify the project/proposal and identify studio goals for the duration of the program. We hope you consider joining this program or our Crit Crew! Enrollment is currently OPEN until spots are filled! 

If you’re anything like us, hearing all these amazing women talk about their practice and art has you ready to shift gears and take a chance on yourself. If it’s the Crit Program, joining our network, or other ways we can support you in your career, we’re here to welcome you with open arms. 

Huge thank you to all the artists and mentors who participated in this episode: 

Amanda Sandlin: 

Arden Bendler Browning: 

Danila Rumold:

Helen Sargeant: 

Jacqueline Saragoza McGilvray: 

Karen Dana Cohen: 

Karen Seapker: 

Leslie Fandrich: 

Meredith Starr: 

Michele Landel:

Mira Burack: 

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