138: Developing Art and Life Simultaneously with Austin Thomas

Austin Thomas is an artist that has done it all, from large-scale sculpture to a rigorous sketchbook practice alongside owning a gallery and then teaching. Join me as I learn how Austin has, in her words “…developed a way of making my art that goes along with a way of making my life.”  You will […]

137: Making Honest Art About Motherhood with Cassie Arnold

In today’s episode I talk with my friend Cassie Arnold about her work and her journey from navigating frequent rejection to suddenly finding herself needing to be the one to say “no” to opportunities coming her way. I am thrilled that Painting at Night was the first group exhibit to feature Cassie’s fiber work, and […]

136: Cramming Everything into Every Moment with Mandy Cano Villalobos

We’re so excited to welcome Mandy Cano Villalobos to the podcast today. Mandy is an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores ideas of home, memory, and cultural identity. Mandy’s bio is a work of art in and of itself because her accomplishments are so vast.  Creativity and art have always been a part of Villalobos’ life. […]