85: Maternal perseverance, making art about breastfeeding and the multi-media artist journey with Tracy M. Taylor and Katherine Duclos

In this episode I am joined by two incredible artist/mothers both making work about motherhood and breastfeeding – Tracy M. Taylor and Katherine Duclos. We talk about their breastfeeding struggles, choices of materials, and their desires to amplify themes and concepts over sticking to one material or process. Both Tracy and Katherine have painting and […]

83: Studio Safety with Michelle Berg Radford and Amy Sacksteder

I’m excited to share this important episode featuring mixed media artists Michelle Berg Radford and Amy Sacksteder in conversation on studio safety. Regardless of whether your concerns are environmental or medical, Michelle and Amy’s best practices translate across a variety of media including acrylic, oil, and more, and are great rules of thumb for artists […]

80: Hybridity and Heritage with Letitia Huckaby

I’m thrilled to share this episode featuring artist/mother Letitia Huckaby, a hybrid photographer based in Benbrook, Texas. Her work is inspired by faith, family history, and African American heritage, and reflects both her own innovation and the creativity of generations of her female forebears. In this way, “transference” (as in photography) becomes not only a […]