86: Processing the weight of unseen labor and finding space in chaos with Claudia Pharés

In this episode I talked with the incredible Claudia Pharés, a French-Canadian of Vietnamese-Egyptian descent native of Montreal, QC, currently living in Melbourne, Australia. Claudia is an artist, a mother to two children, and a nurse.  Her art practice includes photography, sculpture, installation, performance and video and is framed around autobiographical events that have challenged […]

85: Maternal perseverance, making art about breastfeeding and the multi-media artist journey with Tracy M. Taylor and Katherine Duclos

In this episode I am joined by two incredible artist/mothers both making work about motherhood and breastfeeding – Tracy M. Taylor and Katherine Duclos. We talk about their breastfeeding struggles, choices of materials, and their desires to amplify themes and concepts over sticking to one material or process. Both Tracy and Katherine have painting and […]