68: On putting meaningful work into the world with art historian Caitlin Woolsey

Today’s episode marks a first for Artist/Mother: our first artist/mother/art historian/poet! Caitlin Woolsey is all of those things and more, holding a PhD in art history from Yale and currently serving as a postdoctoral fellow at the Clark Art Institute. While Caitlin’s scholarly research focuses on the intersections of sound, poetry, and performance in postwar […]

67: Making “serious” work without sacrificing play, plus more wisdom on art and motherhood from Dana Oldfather, Karen Seapker and Allison Reimus at Red Arrow Gallery

I’m so excited to finally share this conversation recorded in March 2020 at Red Arrow Gallery, a fantastic artist/mother owned space dedicated to emerging artists in Nashville, TN. This panel was contemporaneous with the opening of the Artist/Mother group exhibition, “Painting at Night,” at Fort Houston in Nashville, TN. This panel brought me together with […]

64: Community Series Episode- Mother’s Day Stories

Tune in as we hear from many members of our community who share heartfelt and honest stories about their Moms. You’ll hear how these women have embraced challenging relationships with their Mothers, been supported by their Mothers and inspired by their Mothers. Thank you to everyone who sent in a voice memo + Happy Mother’s […]