77: A conversation with Qiana Mestrich on photography, racial identity in America, and building the communities you need to see in your world.

Friends, it was an honor to spend an hour in conversation with the talented and thoughtful, Qiana Mestrich. Qiana is a photography-focused, interdisciplinary artist whose work sheds light on personal histories of class, race, social inequality, (post-)colonialism, and international migration. Qiana shares about the inspiration for her work and how she incorporates her children into […]

76: Preserving the Landscape Through Painting with Michele Johnsen

Michele Johnsen is a painter based in northern New Hampshire. A retired art teacher, artist/mother, and artist/grandmother, Michele has been a longstanding influence on my own life since we met in the low-residency MFA at the New Hampshire Institute of Art (class of ‘17!). I’m as excited to share this conversation as I was to […]