139: Navigating Multiple Demanding Roles with Teresa Vazquez and Hannah Burnworth

Artist/Mother Podcast
Artist/Mother Podcast
139: Navigating Multiple Demanding Roles with Teresa Vazquez and Hannah Burnworth

Today’s episode is so special, because I interview two artists in my community here in Indiana. I got to know Hannah Burnworth and Teresa Vazquez when I co-curated them into a show with Lyndy Bazile in Fort Wayne, IN. I am so thrilled to have these two amazing artist/mother/teachers in my world. Throughout our discussion we talk about how both artists navigate the demands of these three simultaneous roles, and how each role impacts and feeds into the others.

Hannah is a public high school teacher, mixed media paper artist, and mother of two boys. She is inspired by nature, everyday experiences, and every piece of paper she has ever encountered. Teresa is an artist, Dream Midwife, educator, mother, and grandmother of afro-cuban heritage who was born and raised in Chicago. She has a BA in Creative Writing from Oberlin College and an MFA in Studio Art from the Art Institute of Chicago. Teresa is a K-12 public art teacher at a fully virtual school. 

Hannah’s work uses found papers and sometimes cloth to create layered compositions that she then runs through the sewing machine. These quilt-like paper pieces frequently use discarded work from her students, and she has a no-waste practice because she always finds somewhere to incorporate something that has been cut out of another piece. Teresa takes a similar approach in her work where nothing is a mistake. Her dream-inspired layered ink pieces are embellished with delicate linework using markers, pens, and watercolors. Teresa’s other bodies of work incorporate collage and 3D paper sculpture.

Throughout our conversation both artists share how they arrived at teaching and how they balance family and studio work with the demanding role as educators. They share their inspiring teaching philosophies based around encouraging students to form their own studio practices and for Hannah even integrating the students into her own practice in a very intimate way. We learn about the new virtual school that Teresa works for, and the unique ways she handles the challenges of virtual teaching. Throughout the podcast, we discuss how the rhythms of the semesters, seasons, and caregiving shape when they dive into making their work and when they take a hiatus from intense making. This episode is all about balancing different roles simultaneously!

Hannah’s Final Five: 

Biggest Art Crush: Elizabeth Murray and Bridget Riley

Dream Trip: Scotland 

Film or book: How to Breath Underwater by Julie Orringer

Favorite meal: Smashburger with everything on it

Shoutout: Her Students, Kids, Jaben, Mom, Dad and Crit Group

Teresa’s Final Five: 

Biggest Art Crush: Christina Quarles, Loie Hollowell, and Tschabalala Self

Dream Trip: New York with her son and Paris with her partner

Film or book: Pleasure Activism and Emergent Strategies by Adrienne Maree Brown

Favorite meal: Chicken or Turkey Fried Rice or a Red Chicken Curry with White Rice

Shoutout: Robert Moss, Dedele Riverta, Lindy, Kaylan, Dan from Wunderkammer, Lydia Early, and her family

To see more of Hannah’s work please follow her on IG @milkhousestudio

To see more of Teresa’s work please visit her website and follow her on IG @dreamingwoke

The Artist/Mother podcast is created and hosted by Kaylan Buteyn. You can see more of Kaylan’s work on her website or connect with her on Instagram @kaylanbuteyn

Images of Teresa’s work and life:

8 of Pentacles, 7 of Wands, 8 of Cups, 2017, Mixed media collage on Yupo and lenticular mylar, 16” x 20”
Teresa (left) and curator/artist friend Lyndy Bazile in front of Teresa’s work installed at Wunderkammer in Fort Wayne, IN
Antibody:Golgotha Coronation, 2020, Alcohol ink and mixed media on Yupo, 45” x 30”
Teresa’s work installed at Conjure, Fort Wayne, IN — image by Kaylan Buteyn
Teresa’s “she shed” studio at her daughters house
Hannah and Teresa’s work together at Conjure, Fort Wayne, IN — image by Kaylan Buteyn
Hannah and Teresa’s work together at Conjure, Fort Wayne, IN — image by Kaylan Buteyn

Images of Hannah’s work and life:

Fruit Bowl, 11” x 14”, Mixed Media Stitched Collage, 2021

Hannah working on location at Stay Home Gallery & Residency
Take Flight, 16” x 20” , Mixed Media Stitched Collage, 2022

Hannah’s kiddos

Growth, 16” x 20”, Mixed Media Stitched Collage and Graphite, 2021

Hannah’s work installed at Conjure, Fort Wayne, IN — image and curation by Kaylan Buteyn

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