15: Painting, performance art and parenting with Tessa Davidson

Artist/Mother Podcast
Artist/Mother Podcast
15: Painting, performance art and parenting with Tessa Davidson

Tessa Davidson is an Artist living and working outside of Little Rock, Arkansas. She is the Mother of two daughters. Along with her painting practice, Tessa currently work as adjunct faculty at Harding University in Arkansas where she teaches a variety of art history and studio courses. Tessa and I both received our MFA’s from NHIA and our time there overlapped for several semesters so I am pleased to call Tessa a friend and peer.

Tessa shares loads of wisdom and encouragement in this episode. We chat about the many projects she has worked on over the years, how her painting shifted from hyper realistic painting to performance, and many things inbetween. We both talk about our need to maintain our identity as artists throughout motherhood, going as far as doing a challenging MFA program while our kids were little. She shares some of the ways her children inspire her to be more creative. Tessa talks with so much warmth and joy, you will find yourself smiling as you listen!

Check out Tessa’s work on her website (https://tessadavidsonartist.com) including several of the projects we talk about in the episode like Thirty Bathrooms and Common Ground. You can also connect with Tessa on Instagram @tessadavidsonartist

Tessa and her two daughters at one of her gallery shows
Ambrose, Oil on linen, 37 x 66 in
Tessa and her girls, being silly in her home studio
Hope Has Feathers (for Francis), Oil on linen, 61 in x 66 in
Works in progress at Tessa’s home studio
Tessa painting in a bathroom for her project, Thirty Bathrooms
Tessa’s project, Thirty Bathrooms
Truth Be Told (for John), Oil on linen, 53 in x 66 in
Tessa, working in her home studio

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