16: Believing in yourself and your small town with artist Coulter Fussell

Have you ever wondered how to make it as an artist in a small southern town? On this episode I chat with Coulter Fussell, an amazing quilter and fine artist. She’s a single mama to two darling boys and contributes much of her success and her talent to her parents, whom her work is literally a blend of. Her Mother is a quilter and Father, a painter.

Coulter lives and works in Water Valley, MS. There she runs her store and studio, Yalorun Textiles, waitresses, and raises her two young sons. Inspired by contemporary painting, Coulter creates quilts with a mix up of traditional sewing techniques, and a variety of mixed media. Among many other awards, she was a United States Artist Fellows in 2019. Her work has been published in Vogue, New York Times and Burnaway magazine and she is represented by Southside Gallery in Water Valley. She is bright, witty, and this episode feels alive as we share how Coulter has navigated her life and art practice.

Please check out more of Coulter’s work on her website (https://www.coulterfussell.com) and her instagram (@coultyalo). I know you’ll love this episode!

Black and White
Coulter in her studio
Coulter’s son, Booker, in her studio
Coulter’s son, Amos Henry, working in her studio

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