19: In it for the long haul with Jodi Hays

Artist/Mother Podcast
Artist/Mother Podcast
19: In it for the long haul with Jodi Hays

I’m so pleased to welcome Jodi Hays to the podcast! In this incredible conversation, Jodi and I discuss prioritizing your work, owning your choices, and how her life experiences have become allegories for her paintings. She shares about the multiple “arms” she has making up her identity as an artist- taking on curating and teaching practices that enrich her studio work. We break down the age old question of clocking hours in the studio, and Jodi offers some insight on pushing back against arbitrary expectations.

Jodi currently lives in Nashville TN. She has exhibited her work at galleries and museums across the United States including the Brooks Museum of Art, Wiregrass Museum of Art, and the Boston Center for the Arts. She is a recipient of several grants, awards, and fellowships including from the Sustainable Arts Foundation, Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation and the Tennessee Arts Commission. She maintains a studio and pop-up gallery in her backyard, DADU, currently works for the graduate program at Watkins College of Art, and is the mother of three young children. 

You can find more about her work at her website (http://www.jodihays.com) and follow her on instagram @jodihaysstudio for updates. She has a show opening in August at the Red Arrow Gallery in Nashville!

H, ink and oil on canvas over panel, 12″x16″, 2019
Jodi in her home, photo by Daniel Meigs
Installation of Jodi’s work at Red Arrow Gallery, 2017
Sharpie drawing of Jodi’s son
Drape, ink and oil on curtains, 12″x16″, 2019
Shade, ink and oil on canvas over panel, 12″x16″, 2019
Jodi’s studio + works on paper
Jodi’s son with an installation of her work
Jodi as a child, drawing
Jodi and her two sons, Gus and Eames, at an installation of her work
Installation of Jodi’s paintings at the Lipscomb Gallery in Nashville, TN 2018
Jodi in her studio, photo by Daniel Meigs

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