21: Evolving an art career and business to fit your life with Becky Dawson

Artist/Mother Podcast
Artist/Mother Podcast
21: Evolving an art career and business to fit your life with Becky Dawson

This episode is a lively and relatable interview with self-taught artist, illustrator and business owner, Becky Dawson! Becky lives outside of Portland, Oregon with her husband and two daughters. Starting from the time that she had her first child, she has built up an inspiring and reputable business selling illustrated goods.

In this episode we discuss how Becky always thought she would go to art school but eventually decided against it. She shares how she built up a fulfilling art career that fit her life at each phase of parenting, slowly expanding her business over time. She talks us through the transitions her studio has gone through; from a guest room to a renovated shed on her property. I also ask Becky about the business side of her work- how she maintains interest and keeps up with the variety of tasks that a product based business has. She shares about her experience stepping into wholesale and some inspiring thoughts on making work you love and trusting that a community of people who love the same things you do will find you through your work!

Becky’s art can be found on her website onelaneroad.com . Her clients include Better Homes and Gardens (Meredith Corp.), Design House Greetings, Taproot Magazine, We Are Teachers, and Lucky Star Art Camp. Her products have been featured on the pages of Folk magazine, Country Living, and Birds and Blooms Magazine. Connect with Becky on Instagram @onelaneroad

Becky on her home in Oregon with her pet rabbit
Recent painting by Becky Dawson
Becky’s inspiring backyard studio
Becky’s renovated shed studio
Becky’s daughter helping with a large wholesale order
Illustrated cats turned tea towels and t-shirts!
Becky and her sweet girls

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  1. So inspiring! I love that she’s self-taught, she takes risks, puts herself out there, and hasn’t worried about finding her ‘one thing’ but just makes the art she wants to make. So great.

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