22: Becoming Two: sculpture, faith, breastfeeding and more with Lauren Frances Evans

This episode with Artist/Mother Lauren Frances Evans is a treat! In it we discuss her rich sculpture based and multi-disciplinary work that explores the maternal experience, bodily urges and human longing. We dive into some of our own experiences growing humans, breastfeeding them and how our bodies are changed and shaped by those experiences. Lauren generously shares about the intersection of her faith and her art, breaking down the possibility of those two things influencing one another.

Lauren’s numerous accolades include a 2018 ThinkTank Emerging Educator Fellowship and an Artist Project Grant from the Iowa Arts Council. Lauren has published some incredibly relevant articles and been a part of shows and projects that explore the Artist/Mother crossover, many of which we discuss in this episode. Along with a lively studio practice, Lauren started a collective called Artist/Parent/Academic, bringing together persons who fit those roles and providing resources and encouragement for them. She teaches art at Samford University and is the mother to one daughter, Agnes.

See more of Lauren’s work on her website (http://laurenfrancesevans.com) and connect with her via IG @laurenfrancesevans and her group @artist.parent.academic . Also make sure you check out this thoughtful article, Becoming Two, written by Lauren and published in The Other Journal in 2018. https://theotherjournal.com/2018/08/27/becoming-two/

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Omphaloskepsis – 2018 – cardboard and hot glue
A scene from Lauren’s studio
Installation shot from Wrapped Up, Tied Up, Tangled Up – 2019 – exhibition at Samford University
Lauren in her kitchen holding up freshly thawed pork caul fat (ordered from amazon!) which she uses in her sculptures
Lauren’s husband Steve and daughter, Agnes helping her as she worked on Simultaneous Letdown in the studio in prep for her recent show. 
Simultaneous Letdown – 2019 – sheets, fabric hardener, resin, painted plastic kiddie pool, water pump, tubing, and water
Simultaneous Letdown – 2019 – sheets, fabric hardener, resin, painted plastic kiddie pool, water pump, tubing, and water
Agnes in front of a recent video projection, Indwelling – a video of her moving around in Lauren’s stomach while she was pregnant with her. “That’s me in there!” Agnes exclaims upon seeing it.
A recent bath time selfie of Lauren and her daughter Agnes
Agnes looking through Lauren’s sculpture, Omphaloskepsis

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