26: Committing to your own authentic path with Julianne Strom Brill

Artist/Mother Podcast
Artist/Mother Podcast
26: Committing to your own authentic path with Julianne Strom Brill

Episode 26 is a great one, with my friend Julianne Strom Brill! Julianne is a full time artist living outside of Boston, MA. In this episode we discuss how she left a teaching job with a slow transition to full time painting. She shares great wisdom on how to stay true to your own work and a process driven practice. We hear about her experience selling at art fairs and I especially enjoy her reflection on becoming a Mom. Motherhood caused her to re-think and restructure her life as a full time artist and she shares some empowering thoughts about the experience.

A large part of our conversation is also about instagram! Julianne was one of the earliest artists to use IG to share her work and her following has now grown to over 60,000 people. We discuss what she does to stay aligned with her vision and goals for her own art career when there is pressure every time you get on the app to do/be/say more. We have a really important and generous conversation about copying other artists, especially ones we follow on IG, and how we can stay inspired in our own work without scrolling through our phones.

I think you’ll find lots to enjoy about this conversation. Julianne is inspirational and intensely thoughtful about her life and art. Please check out more of Julianne’s work on her website (https://mossandblue.com) and connect with her on instagram @mossandblue

Julianne in her home studio with her sweet son, Fin
Acrylic on canvas, 36″x36,”Making Memories on Borrowed Time”
Works in progress in Julianne’s home studio
Detail of one of Julianne’s paintings
Julianne sporting her Artist/Mother shirt!
Acrylic on canvas, 30″x40″, “Study in Topography IV”
Home studio scenes
Julianne at an art fair with her sweet baby Fin

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