28: Breaking down barriers and growing your confidence with Allison Reimus

Artist/Mother Podcast
Artist/Mother Podcast
28: Breaking down barriers and growing your confidence with Allison Reimus

In this inspiring episode I chat with Allison Reimus, an artist and mom of 2 (soon to be 3) kids living outside of New York, NY. She shares how she felt like an outsider as a young mom new to the art world and how she eventually built up enough confidence to make connections and grow her network. We talk about life in Brooklyn and how difficult it can be to parent in the city while also trying to find time and finances to support your art. Allison shares about her studio practice, how she avoids concrete or arbitrary goals for the sake of freedom and play and how she structures her week to get in the studio while remaining the primary caretaker for her children.

Allison’s work explores the relationship between decoration and function and similarly, how painting operates as both an object and an idea. Her paintings figuratively and literally embrace the domestic- she shares about the time a chunk of cement fell from her studio wall and how she incorporated it into her painting! Allison is honest and insightful and she will inspire you to feel capable of pushing ahead in your work, no matter what you feel intimidated by.

To connect further with Allison, please follow her in instagram @allison_reimus and see more of her work on her website (https://www.allisonreimus.com). Check out her article in Art Maze Mag that we reference in the episode!

Allison Reimus in her studio
FICKLE, oil and flashe on sewn linen, 56″ x 50″, 2018 
“Sis Boom”, oil, latex, pom poms, lace, flocking fiber on sewn canvas, 52″ x 42″, 2016
Allison’s studio in Brooklyn, NY
“Mother”, oil, acrylic, flashe, adhesive, glitter, flocking fiber, pom poms, spray paint, textiles on sewn canvas, 7ft x 5ft, 2019
Dainty Vessel with Useful Secrets”, oil, lace, towels on shaped canvas, 20” x 25” (widest), 2019
Allison and her children at the opening of “Fun”, curated by Benjamin Terry, at Kirk Hopper Fine Art in Dallas
“Vessel”, oil, textiles on canvas, 16″ x 19″ (widest), 2018
Allison, pregnant with her third child, working on a large painting in her Brooklyn studio
“DIGNITY”, oil on sewn linen, 56″ x 50″, 2018

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