30: Making Motherhood Visible with Spilt Milk Gallery founder Lauren McLaughlin

Artist/Mother Podcast
Artist/Mother Podcast
30: Making Motherhood Visible with Spilt Milk Gallery founder Lauren McLaughlin

Honored to share this interview with Lauren McLaughlin on the podcast today! Lauren McLaughlin is an award winning Scottish artist whose interdisciplinary practice includes collage, photography, neon and installation. Her work explores inequalities within societies and cultures, emphasizing the role of women and mothers. Her work has been exhibited many places including the Royal Scottish Academy, Art16, Lights of Soho London, and The Tent Gallery Edinburgh.

Lauren’s story is inspiring and beautiful. She shares about the many trials she has faced along her path so far, attempting to piece together a life as an artist and single Mom. Despite facing years of rejection, Lauren eventually went to art school when her son was 3 years old. We discuss how Lauren’s life and studio practice has transformed over the years and what it is like now that her son is a teenager.

She also shares about her journey starting Spilt Milk– an artist-led social enterprise based in Scotland whose mission is to promote the work of artists who are mothers. We discuss the need for creating art spaces that are welcoming to children and families, and how caregivers need more respect and empowerment in our society and much more!

Please check out this incredible episode and connect with Lauren directly through Instagram @spiltmilkgallery or on her website https://www.spiltmilkgallery.com

Absent Fathers; shredded £20 banknotes and glue, 2017.
Lauren McLaughlin
oh motHER : Spilt Milk Members Show, Customs House Leith, Edinburg, 2018
Lauren and her son when she was an art student (he is age 6)
Hidden Mother, photograph on aluminum, 2014
Letters from our mothers III; collage on paper, 2017-18
Social Housing, photograph on aluminum, 2014
Like Father Like Son; collage on paper, 2017-18
A Conflict of Interests (neon, flasher unit, transformers, wire, perspex) 2016.

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  1. Great to see your work Lauren and the opportunities you are giving mother artists! I would have appreciated this encouragement 40 years ago, but thanks for helping me more recently. Denise x

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