34: Advocating for art systems that benefit mothers with Procreate Project founder Dyana Gravina

Artist/Mother Podcast
Artist/Mother Podcast
34: Advocating for art systems that benefit mothers with Procreate Project founder Dyana Gravina

above web image: ‘You are not a little girl anymore’ Dyana Gravina performing at Leyden Gallery for Desperate Artwives take Over

This inspiring interview on the Artist/Mother podcast is with Dyana Gravina, the founder of the Procreate Project . Dyana and I chat about her commitment to art at an early age, even though her family encouraged her to pursue dancing only as a hobby, not as a career. She talks about her journey as a dancer and how it led her a career in performance art, and a wider outreach supporting and working for artists. We dive into the time in her life that caused her to start Procreate Project, when she showed up to London pregnant and ready to engage in an arts community that supported mothers and realized one didn’t exist. This led Diana to found the pioneering arts organization that supports the development of contemporary artists who are also mothers working across art-forms. She shares about the many branches of Procreate Project and we spend most of our time discussing Mother House Studios, the world’s first studio center for artists that combines space for children.

Dyana is a visionary and I am so inspired by the example she is setting, structuring gallery shows and art systems to include parents and children and offering new models that are more accessible and inclusive. She is an advocate for understanding the maternal journey and supports mothers who make art! Thanks Dyana for all your inspiring work. Hope you guys enjoy this episode.

You can connect with Dyana and get involved with the Procreate Project by visiting their website (https://www.procreateproject.com), or following them on IG @procreateproject . Dyana’s personal IG is @dygravina and her art account is @dyanag_art

Dyana at the Oxytocin Mothering the World 2019 with her son, Regis
 Procreate Project directors Dyana Gravina and Paola Lucente at the Mother Art Prize group show.  Art Works in the pic left Persephone by Vanessa Mitter. To the right The fountain of tongues by Candida Powell-Williams
LAC, performance on camera by Dyana Gravina
The Placenta Effect, live action on camera for Procreate Project by Dyana Gravina. ph by Patron Production
Dyana at the Mother House Studio pilot 2016 with her son, Regis
Dyana Gravina performing at the Whitechapel Gallery for ‘The Army’ by Anton Mirto
Dyana Gravina, presentation about Mother House Studios and new models of childcare for Impact Hub Birmingham and Creative Scotland delegation team 

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