35: Honoring your time as a parent and artist with Beth Winterburn

Artist/Mother Podcast
35: Honoring your time as a parent and artist with Beth Winterburn

In this episode I interview Beth Winterburn, an Artist/Mother living in Memphis, TN. Her paintings are characterized by their bold, gestural brush strokes and minimalist detail. She approaches her work as if it’s a problem to solve: combining and contrasting elements with and against one another to create a cohesive yet dynamic piece. Her work has been featured on HGTV, Crate and Barrell, West Elm, Anthropology and locally in Memphis at River Oaks and Catherine and Mary’s Restaurants.

Beth and I discuss her work- how her interest in math, chemistry and architecture shows up in the compositions she paints. She talks about the materiality of her process, how she tests colors and mixes palettes, playfully engaging with the paints and inks. She gives me the low down on her successful commission process, sharing a few tips for a smooth system that keeps clients happy. We chat quite a bit about parenting! Discussing her decision to wait until her kids were beyond the baby years to begin her career as an artist, and what they think of her career now that they are a bit older. She also shares some great wisdom on taking your work seriously and respecting the time and energy you put into your art. Beth is so gracious and this interview has loads of wisdom and thoughtful reflections I know you’ll enjoy!

Please connect with Beth by visiting her website (https://bethwinterburn.com ) and seeing more of her work on Instagram @beth_winterburn

Beth working in her home studio
Work in progress
Expanse Collection. No. 6. (4/25/19)
18×24. Paper. Ink + acrylic + latex
Expanse Collection. 9/20. (4/25/19)
8×8. Paper. Ink + acrylic + latex
Beth working in her home studio
New work in progress, 2019
Beth working in her home studio
“Blue. No. 8.” (1/30/18)
48×48. Canvas. Ink + acrylic.

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