37: Collaborating with your kids and transitioning your art career to a new city with Lauren Mckenzie Noel

Artist/Mother Podcast
Artist/Mother Podcast
37: Collaborating with your kids and transitioning your art career to a new city with Lauren Mckenzie Noel

On this episode, I interview Lauren Mckenzie Noel, an artist and mother living in Cleveland Ohio. Her vibrant work is made with a variety of mediums, and explores color as a way to consider her identity as a black and white woman. She has recently completed several projects for the city of Cleveland including a large mural showcasing women of color in Midtown. Lauren is the mother to two sons and attributes motherhood as the experience that reconnected her to her art and sent her in the direction of making art a full time career. She shares about the collaborative paintings and drawings she makes with her sons Keegan and Dylan. Lauren and her boys have exhibited the work in an effort to bring awareness to Keegan’s journey with autism.

We talk a bit about her big life shift- moving from Florida to Cleveland a few years ago. Lauren shares how she transitioned her art career to a new city, and how the change caused her to evaluate her work. She gives us the low down on her first experience showing at a gallery in New York City… hint, it may not be as glamorous as you’d think!

Lauren is full of inspiration. She lives boldly and speaks with so much passion and conviction about her life and work, I know you’ll love this episode! Connect further with Lauren by following her on IG @ladynoel_designs or see more of her work on her website https://www.ladynoeldesigns.com

The Artist/Mother podcast is created and hosted by Kaylan Buteyn. You can see more of Kaylan’s work on her website or connect with her on instagram @kaylanbuteyn

“For Awhile Now” 2019, 48.3” by 70” on canvas
Materials: Acrylic, Soft pastel, and Oil paint
On exhibit in The SCUPLTURE center in Cleveland,OH in part of a group show “SeenUnseen”
Lauren in front of her painting at Kink Contemporary, 2019
“UNCLENCHED”, 2019, 36IN BY 48IN 
Lauren’s work at Kink Contemporary, Cleveland, 2019
“Self” 2017, 48”x60” , Materials: oil pastel, soft pastel, acrylic and oil paint canvas 
40″x55″, oil and charcoal paint using her hands, 2019
Lauren and her two boys, Dylan and Keegan, 2019
Lauren’s two boys, Dylan and Keegan, working on a collaborative piece
“Dad”, 36” x 48”, Mixed Media-Acrylic, Oil pastel, Crayon, 2018
Lauren Mckenzie Noel, Dylan & Keegan Noel
The beginnings of a collaborative piece with her sons, Dylan and Keegan
Lauren’s completed mural on 36th and Euclid Ave, Cleveland, Ohio, 2018

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