39: Human connection above all else with artist and podcaster Pia Pack

Artist/Mother Podcast
Artist/Mother Podcast
39: Human connection above all else with artist and podcaster Pia Pack

Pia Pack is an artist originally from London, England, currently residing in Los Angeles. She is the step mother to one teenage daughter and the mother to another daughter age 3, and a baby boy. Pia makes paintings about the importance of social connectivity in an age of anxiety, using a combination of abstract painting, video, and map making to create reflections on communal meals. She explains her fascinating process and we chat a bit about our shared roles in our communities as the person who often seems to bring people together. She shares some incredibly inspiring words about human connection, reminding me that life really is about the people you encounter and those who are in your life…community is everything.

We also have a great chat about the time in her life when she almost gave up art because of lack of confidence, but then eventually found her way back. Now that she is a mother, she actually feels like she is flourishing with less time in the studio than she’s ever had before. We talk about the choice we have made to stay home with our kids, how we sometimes forget to own that choice and find gratitude in our experiences.

Pia shares about her podcast which she started as a way to get connected with other artists in Los Angeles. What Artists Listen to Podcast collects stories and soundtracks of female artists lives. You can find her podcast feed here and on instagram @whatartistslistentopodcast

Please check out more of Pia’s work on her website https://www.piapack.com or find her on instagram @piapack

The Artist/Mother podcast is created and hosted by Kaylan Buteyn. You can see more of Kaylan’s work on her website or connect with her on instagram @kaylanbuteyn

Table Talk/Table Talk Pink, 6x3ft, acrylic & graphite on canvas, 2019
Table Talk (gingham II)- acrylic on cotton, 27×19” 
Table Talk/Table Top, 60×36”, acrylic on canvas with cutlery, 2017  
Table Talk (09.12.18) – acrylic, pencil & sumi ink on aquatint etching, 5×6.5”, 2018
Pia in her studio with Tuppence (age 3) and Ebenezer (infant)
Map of Meal (06.12.19) – oil on canvas, 60×36”, 2019 
Table Talk (09.07.19), 60×37”, acrylic on canvas, 2019 
Studio Scene
Friendly Reminder : Burger Box Monster- 17 x 11” Risograph, 2019
Table Talk (14.04.19) – acrylic, pencil & sumi ink on aquatint etching, 6.5×5”, 2019

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