40: Building your own path to freedom with artist and entrepreneur Emily Jeffords

You are going to love this inspiring episode with artist Emily Jeffords! Emily has definitely been a beacon for those wanting to carve their own path. She entered the art world knowing she would have to push against some common tendencies in motherhood and creativity. Early on she refused to work with galleries because the schedule and demands of the gallery were difficult to meet with a young family. This led us to dialogue about external stress and goal setting, how sometimes we can be pushed into bouts of anxiety when we are trying to meet arbitrary or outer demands. Emily shares a powerful message about looking inward instead of outward, setting goals that are fueled by your own desires and dreams.

We talk quite a bit about finances and art- how she has incrementally built her business out to provide her family freedom with big attempts to prioritize family time along the way. Emily and I share a brief conversation on the enneagram, too! She’s an enneagram 4 and shares with me the challenges she faces in her career because of her personality and also what comes really naturally to her.

Emily is an abstract impressionistic painter, creative educator, & writer living in Greenville, South Carolina with her husband, two little girls, & baby boy.  Emily has a wide collector base and she has partnered with well known companies like Anthropology, One Kings Lane and West Elm. She has many branches to her creative life and business that include hosting amazing international retreats, offering workshops, and dishing out some pretty great education to those who want to learn from her art practice.

Connect with Emily on IG @emily_jeffords and see more about her work and business on her website https://www.emilyjeffords.com

The Artist/Mother podcast is created and hosted by Kaylan Buteyn. You can see more of Kaylan’s work on her website or connect with her on instagram @kaylanbuteyn

Emily and her son
 “wild and free” , mixed media on canvas (watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, gold leaf, graphite, raw pigment, and oil pastel), 2019
Emily and her three kids
“A Place of Magic and of Legends” is a 36×48 inch oil painting, 2019
detail shot from “A Place of Magic and of Legends” is a 36×48 inch oil painting, 2019
The beginnings of a new painting
In-progress work from Emily’s studio
“Below The Highlands”, oil on canvas, 2018
Emily’s three kids
Work in progress
“You Remind Me (II)”, 5×7 inch watercolor, acrylic, gold leaf, graphite, charcoal, raw pigment, and oil pastel on canvas, 2019

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