42: Challenging gender equality and empowering women in the arts with ArtGirl Rising founder Liezel Strauss

Artist/Mother Podcast
Artist/Mother Podcast
42: Challenging gender equality and empowering women in the arts with ArtGirl Rising founder Liezel Strauss

It was such a joy to record this interview with Liezel Strauss! Liezel is an Artist/Mother and Innovator, best known for her passionate work addressing the under-representation of women artists across the art world. In 2018 she launched ArtGirl Rising, a platform and shop that sparks conversations and raises awareness about gender equality. Liezel and I chat about the start of this business and where she found inspiration to make a change. We have an honest conversation about using childcare and relying on the support of other women and caretakers so that we can pursue our own dreams.
In 2019, Liezel was names as one of the UN Women’s top 100 female innovators worldwide, a part of their She Innovates Global program. She tells me about this experience and what it was like to have her face shared so largely in the World Trade Center on International Women’s day.
This interview is full of Liezel’s spunk and spirit. I know you will be inspired to make some changes for the better in your own life, or reach out and see how you can support another artist/mama.
And, surprise!! Liezel and I followed up on our idea to do a collaborative t-shirt! We actually have a women’s t-shirt AND an infant onesie! They both feature 6 amazing women artists who were/are mothers. You can snag a onesie in the artist/mother shop here, and a women’s t-shirt in the ArtGirl Rising shop here. $5 from every sale of either of these collaborative shirts will go towards my new Artist/Mother Childcare Fund which will be giving allotted funds to a few select artist/mothers each year so they can use it toward quality childcare for their studio time.

Check out ArtGirl Rising on their website or IG @artgirlrising and see more of Liezel’s work as co-curator and co-director of Subject Matter on their website and IG @subjectmatterart.

The Artist/Mother podcast is created and hosted by Kaylan Buteyn. You can see more of Kaylan’s work on her website or connect with her on instagram @kaylanbuteyn

Our collaborative shirt and onesie!
Liezel and her sweet family
Subject Matter, an online art gallery created and curated by Liezel
Subject Matter’s transparency is so inspiring!
ArtGirl Rising website
Liezel in her Artist/Mother t-shirt!
Liezel’s beautiful work and a snap from her studio time
Liezel’s poster at the World Trade Center
Liezel’s poster at the World Trade Center
Liezel and her Mom, Lida.

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