6: The complex roles of Artist and Mother with Judith Farr.

Judith Farr is a mixed media artist from Catalonia, Spain. Rooted in experimental abstraction with saturated colors, geometric shapes and patterns, she brings unusual materials together in toy-like or organic entities that sometimes resemble animals or imaginary characters.  Motherhood has given her an insight into a coming together of her childhood (past) and her identity as mother (present), which informs the work. She has shown in galleries throughout the United States, England and Spain and is the mother of two children.

In this episode Judy and I discuss how the joy and pain she has experienced through motherhood has helped her connect with her creativity, how putting yourself out there can make things happen in unexpected ways, the benefits of creating a body of work, and the complexity of the roles of Artist and Mother.

This interview with Judy is honest, bright and I know you will be inspired by the way she shares with vulnerability and grace about her journey as an Artist/Mother!

Judith in her studio
Suspiciously Cheerful, 2017, mixed media
The Angel of Caprona (collage, liquid watercolor, acrylic and gouache, on paper) 29h x 22w inches, 2018
Judith studio
Handsome and Kind, mixed media, 4×4 inches, 2017
Bubble Gum Dispenser (collage, liquid watercolor, acrylic and gouache, on paper) 29h x 22w inches, 2018
In studio pot series
Judy and her two children (and their goat)
scene from the walk Judy takes to her studio

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