60: Encouragement for parents on a new homeschooling journey with Kaylan Buteyn

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60: Encouragement for parents on a new homeschooling journey with Kaylan Buteyn

Hello friends! I’m back with a new episode, sharing some thoughts on homeschooling with those of you who are new to the practice. We have been a homeschool family for 3 years now and have integrated it into our lifestyle, letting it shape our days. I know that so many of you had the homeschooling lifestyle dropped on you because of the coronavirus pandemic. This is a crazy and stressful time! I don’t think you should expect yourself to be an expert at homeschooling but I do hope you can consider new ways to frame your time at home with your children right now. In this episode I cover a bit about what our days look like. I talk through some systems that can help you relieve stress and compartmentalize a little more, so you can try to be fully present with your work and your kids. I share about my journey making a work from home and homeschooling balance possible for myself and my family.

I hope you takeaway some encouragement and empowerment from this episode! I believe you are capable of making it through this time…surviving, yes, but also hopefully finding gratitude for a slower season.

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Zeke & River helping me with dinner meal prep at 8:30am
Tea time! A favorite mid-morning routine at our house.
We love family walks on country roads

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