69: On resurfacing and restarting an art career after your kids are grown with Mary Beth Magyar

Obscura Ceramic, 17″ x 17″ x 21″ 2019

I’m delighted to share this episode with Mary Beth Magyar with you! Mary Beth is a sculptor, teacher, community maker and mother to 2 young adults.
Despite a lifelong interest in the arts, during the early years of starting her family, she put her art career aside to support her spouse and raise her kids. Once her children were teenagers and at the inspiration of a beloved Artist/Mother friend of hers who passed away from breast cancer, Mary Beth threw herself wholeheartedly into making art again. She graciously shares about this experience, feeling “older” but without a long resume to lean on and choosing to dig into an art career anyway. She digs into ceramics, metal work, sculpture and more while making her beautiful work.

I love what she has to share about sharing art with teenagers, both her own and those in her community. Mary Beth speaks about the legacy she hopes to leave behind with the teens she teaches welding, sculpture and community arts to. She is currently going back to school for a graduate degree in Education with a thesis on an arts outreach program! What an inspiration.

Mary Beth currently lives and works in Rochester, MN with her family.
To connect with her, find her on IG @marybethmagyar and see more of her work on her website here.

The Artist/Mother podcast was created by Kaylan Buteyn. Connect with Kaylan via IG @kaylanbuteyn and see more of her work on her website.

Mary Beth working in her studio
RECLAIM- Steel, Ceramic, Wax, Screen, Plants, ​6′ x 6 ‘ x 8’, 2019
Mary Beth teaching teenage students how to weld
Mary Beth’s daughter and dog in her studio
Mary Beth’s beautiful family hiking in North Dakota
Detail to Houses Installation, House #10, 68 x 29 x 58, Ceramic and Steel, 2020
Alone Together, 24″ x 24″, print
To Build a Nest, installation with video, charcoal drawing and sculptures Rochester Art Center , ​Curated by Susannah Magers 2016-2017 
Mary Beth working in the studio
Marybeth’s studio
Houses, 6′ x 30′ x 25′, Ceramic and Steel, 2020
One House for Each Day in quarantine, Ceramics, 14 x 28 x 20, 2020
Small Nest, Acrylic, 22 x 30, 2017

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  1. Mary Beth is one of my favorite people from high school. She has always been so talented and it was wonderful to hear her voice in this podcast since we haven’t seen each other since we graduated. I absolutely loved listening to her story so that I could understand where she’s been and how she has navigated her journey through life!

  2. Gail B. Weinshenker

    I believe that I saw a photo of your Houses, 6′ x 30′ x 25′, Ceramic and Steel, 2020 in our museum (NEHMA) on our campus at USU in Logan, Utah. I am a classmate of Mary Magyar Eaton’s.

  3. jean literate

    I really enjoyed your podcast! I loved your artwork and hearing the stories attached to the work!
    Good luck with all your many projects.
    You have a beautiful family. I am sharing this with my grandchildren who are in their twenties.
    I am your Dad’s cousin from NJ

  4. jean literate

    I really enjoyed your podcast! Your artwork is stunning! Good luck with all your future projects.
    I am your Dad’s cousin from New Jersey.

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