7: Jillian Sokso shares how mothering inspires her to create beauty.

Jillian Sokso is a visual artist living and working in the Pacific Northwest. She studied printmaking at Moore College of Art and Design and the University of Delaware. She has exhibited nationally and internationally since 2004, and her work is included in many public and private collections around the United States. She currently a professor of Art and Design at George Fox University

Jillian’s beautiful and diverse work centers around her love of paper and her interest in geography and nature. An interesting combination of drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture form her process- which she considers to be a collaborative experience with the media she uses resulting in one of a kind images as opposed to more traditional edition printing.

In this episode Jillian and I discuss how her childhood paved the way for her to pursue a life in the arts and how her job as a professor of art sustains and supports her studio practice as an artist. Jillian talks about the gorgeous landscape of the PNW and how it influences her work, how mothering inspires her to create a world that is more good and beautiful, and so much more. Find Jillian’s work on her website (http://www.jilliansoksostudio.com) and Instagram .

Move To The Edge – relief and serigraph on matsuo kozo paper
Jillian working in the studio
Jillian’s studio
Wonder Can I Hold – relief and serigraph on matsuo kozo paper
Jillian’s two daughters in her studio
work in progress
Jillian Sokso
Don’t Try To Hold It In – relief and serigraph on matsuo kozo paper

Images courtesy of the artist and Stephanie Peterson of Pair Visuals.

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