97: Instagram for Artists – Reframing, Best Practices and Avoiding Burnout with Kaylan Buteyn

Artist/Mother Podcast
Artist/Mother Podcast
97: Instagram for Artists - Reframing, Best Practices and Avoiding Burnout with Kaylan Buteyn

Are you feeling stuck, frustrated or not seeing growth on your Instagram feed? As artists with busy lives Instagram can often feel like one more thing to add to our list of to-do’s, and when you don’t see the results you hope for after putting effort into posting it can become overwhelming and resentment can soon follow. In this episode I share my thoughts about Instagram, how my relationship with it has changed over the 9 years I’ve been on the app. Because of significant reframing and restructuring how I use it, today I feel better than ever about being on Instagram. I share about these changes I’ve made. I walk you through 4 sections: Reframing Your Mindset, Making IG Easier on Yourself, Best Practices and Ways to Avoid Burnout.

The content for this episode is inspired by the incredible course I’m co-teaching with Isadora Stowe, Wearing All the Hats (Without Losing Your Head)! This is a Professional Practice Course designed just for Artist/Mothers and women artists. We cover a broad range of topics relating to your art career including exhibitions, grant writing, documenting your art and practice, building connections, pricing your work and so much more. We just spent 2 weeks digging into the ways artists can effectively use Instagram to build up their career and this podcast episode is a “light” version of those lectures!

I hope you tune in and enjoy the content I’ve shared here. If you do, would you please share this episode with another artist? And consider joining our next round of Wearing All the Hats! Enrollment opens May 19th for our course starting early August.

11 tips for Avoiding Burnout on IG

1) Stop taking it personal
2) Stop expecting complexity
3) HAVE A GOAL & stay intentional with your time. Use a timer if necessary
4) Remember IG is only ONE LEG of your business. Which leg lines up with your values the most? Put your energy there.
5) Stop posting in “real time”
6) Schedule, Strategize, & Work Ahead
7) Re-use content, post old work (if photos are good)
8) Don’t expect perfection from your IG
9) Give it time
10) Take breaks!!

The Artist/Mother podcast is created and hosted by Kaylan Buteyn. You can see more of Kaylan’s work on her website or connect with her on Instagram @kaylanbuteyn

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