62: Painting, Podcasting and Parenting with Erika b Hess of I Like Your Work Podcast!

Artist/Mother Podcast
Artist/Mother Podcast
62: Painting, Podcasting and Parenting with Erika b Hess of I Like Your Work Podcast!

In today’s episode I talk painting, consulting, curating, podcasting, and parenting with Erika b Hess. Erika is an oil painter and the host of the I Like Your Work podcast. Though currently based in Columbus, Ohio, Erika has lived and exhibited all around the country. I (finally!) get to turn the tables on Erika and ask her questions about her artistic practice and her life. 

We begin by talking about how there are “a lot of different ways to be an artist” and the traps of getting boxed in by others’ expectations of your work or outdated conceptions of art world regionalism. An oil painter who works with a bright, saturated palette, Erika walks us through her winding path to being in the arts full time as well as starting her own arts podcast: after deciding to make a big move with her family, Erika wanted to replicate the sense of artistic dialogue she’d developed during her time with the Musa Collective in Boston (which she co-founded). Consequently, I Like Your Work was born! Erika also tells us about opening up the conversation on her own podcast to discussing parenting with artists of all genders. We sing the praises of podcasting as a form of community building both locally and remotely. 

We further cover (visual) information overload in the digital age, returning to familiar but forgotten artistic territory, and, of course, motherhood. Erika examines the parallels between being an artist and being a mother, describing each as a balancing act of sacrifice, flexibility, and patience. 

You can find Erika’s work on her website or on IG @erikabhess. Check out the I Like Your Work podcast here.

The Artist/Mother podcast is created and hosted by Kaylan Buteyn. You can see more of Kaylan’s work on her website or connect with her on Instagram @kaylanbuteyn

“Searching”- oil on panel-18″x 14″ 2019
“In the Clouds”, oil on panel, 30×24, 2019
Erika Hess working in her studio
Erika’s adorable daughter visiting her in her home studio
Erika working in her studio
“Extraordinary Machine”, oil on panel, 30×24, 2019
Work in progress in Erika’s studio

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