90: Organizing Your Money & Feeling Financially Empowered with Hannah Cole

Artist/Mother Podcast
Artist/Mother Podcast
90: Organizing Your Money & Feeling Financially Empowered with Hannah Cole

It is always a treat to get to speak with artist, mother, financial and tax expert, Hannah Cole! She has dropped some major wisdom for you in this episode and shared incredible wisdom for artists and small business owners. Wondering about which business license is right for you? Hannah walks me through a DBA, LLC, S-Corp and the benefits of each. Wanting to feel more organized and have a better handle on your money? Hannah walks me through some basics you can do. We have a great conversation about the effects of understanding where your money is going and getting your finances organized – more head space, more time to spend on other things, a clearer vision for your practice and more.

Of course for so many artists financial talk can feel “icky” or difficult. Some of us carry false narratives we have been told in grad school, and women especially can carry incredibly damaging feelings about money. We talk through that shame and those “weird attitudes”, breaking down stereotypes and Hannah shares some empowering advice for anyone feeling down. Her not-so-secret mission for helping artists feel more organized and in control of their money? Smashing the patriarchy of course!!

If you want to learn more about taxes for creative people, you can read her column in Hyperallergic or check out episode 57 of the podcast where Hannah talks with gallery owner, Kitty Dinshaw about the Business Side of Art. Find Hannah’s tax services here and check out Money Bootcamp! I’m currently enrolled and already feeling like I have a better understand of where my money is going.

Hannah will be available via zoom on our network for a live Q&A to answer any lingering questions you have on March 16th, 3:00pm ET. Join us here!

Hannah’s Final 5 Answers:
1) Biggest Art Crush: Mark Joshua Epstein 
2) Dream Trip: France and Italy with her daughters 
3) Inspiring Book: Nelson Mandela’s autobiography 
4) Favorite Meal: 1x a year she has a big farm-raised steak (she’s a vegetarian) 
5) Shout out: Rachel Hellman 

The Artist/Mother podcast is created and hosted by Kaylan Buteyn. You can see more of Kaylan’s work on her website or connect with her on Instagram @kaylanbuteyn

Hannah’s work at the North Carolina Museum of Art
A perfectly imperfect photo of Hannah doing what she loves- teaching through Sunlight Tax!
“After the Storm”, acrylic painting on canvas
“Knees and Elbows”, acrylic painting on paper

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