115: Big Risks, Big Art Projects and Big Inspiration for a New Year in Your Studio with Coulter Fussell and Adrienne Brown-David

Artist/Mother Podcast
Artist/Mother Podcast
115: Big Risks, Big Art Projects and Big Inspiration for a New Year in Your Studio with Coulter Fussell and Adrienne Brown-David

Needing inspiration for starting a new year in the studio? This episode is for you! It was a real treat to invite two podcast + crit group mentor alums back to our platform to ask them about the dynamic work they created in 2021 that was rooted in a big project for each of them. Adrienne Brown David completed 1 painting every day in 2021 and sold it on IG… 365 paintings and every single one sold!! Coulter Fussell created 1 quilt a month (almost all of which were completely hand pieced and all of which were hand quilted), starting on the first day of each month and completing it by the 21st. She sold each quilt on the 21st and, as with Adrienne, all of the works were sold. 

Both of these artists are so transparent about the financial needs of their lives and their studio practices and how their art fills these needs. The projects they created in 2021 were ways they generated income for their families. It’s refreshing to hear their perspective and we speak about the need for more open conversations like this in the art world. 

We talk about the hardships that can come up with a project like this, what happened when life got in the way and these artists still needed to stay committed to their practice. Coulter and Adrienne share candidly about what they learned from this year long journey and how they fit in the work to complete it without taking anything else off their overflowing artist/mother plates. 

The most inspiring thing about both Coulter and Adrienne is the commitment they made to themselves in 2021… to learn and grow in their studio practices, to get better at their craft and hone their skills as an artist, and to truly spend their time doing what they love. I’m not sure how you could listen to this episode and not feel the passion and fire in each of their stories and take some of that grit and grace into your own art careers in 2022!

See more from these artists by finding them on IG and checking out their websites + previous episodes of the artist/mother podcast!

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Adrienne Brown-David: website + IG + podcast episode

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