59: Bring the JOY back into your art practice with Danielle Krysa AKA the Jealous Curator

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59: Bring the JOY back into your art practice with Danielle Krysa AKA the Jealous Curator

It was my IMMENSE pleasure to have Danielle Krysa on the podcast! I’m assuming all of you know Danielle, but in case you don’t, she’s an artist, mother, curator, author, and more. Her paintings have been exhibited all over the world including Brooklyn, London, Los Angeles, and Tasmania. She is the writer and curator behind the contemporary art site The Jealous Curator and also has a prominent art podcast called Art For Your Ear. We talk about everything she has going and how she manages it all while trying to stay present with her partner and teenage son, Charlie.

Danielle shares quite a bit of encouragement for anyone currently in a slump or struggle with their art practice. We talk about those times when the joy just feels sucked right out of the studio and she shares some thoughts for getting it back! We both share insecurities and fears we have surrounding our work and Danielle shares some thoughts for working through those and finding confidence in your art. It felt like a bit of therapy for me to talk through that…thank you, Danielle! I’m sure many of you will be able to relate.

Danielle graciously shares about the origins of The Jealous Curator , how she turned jealousy for other artists into admiration when she started blogging about them and how it eventually helped inspire her to kick-start her art practice after taking a 15 year break. She was also inspired by her son Charlie and the way he made work when he was little, but she didn’t put pressure on herself to have a big career during that time. It’s refreshing to hear her perspective of lessening expectations, making work when you can and just enjoying your kids during their young years.

This conversation was a breath of fresh air and I know Danielle’s down to earth nature and her firm encouragement will uplift you! I sure felt lighter after talking with her. Thanks Danielle, you’re a true GEM! 

You can find more of Danielle’s art on her website or follow her on IG @daniellekrysaart

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Danielle working in her home studio
“DOLLY WOULD go big? ignore the assholes? add more glitter? yep, this mantra worked every GD time. Found images, crystals, costume jewelry, wood letters, glitter, acrylic on panel w/ brass plate, 36” x 36” round
Danielle working in her home studio
“not oil?! she hadn’t come this far for f’n acrylic!”, Found image, acrylic on panel w brass plate, 18” x 18”

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