100: The Golden Threads – Celebrating 100 Episodes and Sharing What Ties Us All Together

Artist/Mother Podcast
Artist/Mother Podcast
100: The Golden Threads - Celebrating 100 Episodes and Sharing What Ties Us All Together

One Hundred Episodes! Wow! This episode marks the 100th since we started this podcast. It feels like a big milestone that I am honored to celebrate and I hope you’ll join me! I had no idea what this podcast would grow to become our special community and I’m filled with deep gratitude and love for you all today. Despite the diversity represented in everyone I’ve interviewed, we all have so much in common. I’ve highlighted some of the biggest themes that were touched on in many episodes and you’ll hear special quotes from some of your favorite interviews. We touch on the struggle to manage time, to the ever present balancing act, growing your confidence and defining success. There is a section on anxiety and social pressures plus what it’s like to not only live as a mother but also make work about it from artists who use themes of the maternal in their work.

Artist/Mothers are full of contradictions… we carry an intense push and pull of our identities that is continually churning and so many of you have shared beautiful words about that experience. Listen and feel seen and known as these artists speak to a part of our existence that I know you all understand.

I close by sharing a memory of this Summer, and a hope for each one of you. That our community will continue to provide space for you to show up fully as yourself, recognizing and appreciating all of your dualities and complexities. This is what I believe is at the heart of what makes our community so magical and I am so grateful to be doing this work with you and for you.

Highlighted episodes include:

80 – Letitia Huckaby
35 – Beth Winterburn
53 – Calida Rawles
1 – Karen Seapker
20 – Laura Wennstrom
2 – Denise Gasser
39 – Pia Pack
19 – Jodi Hays
89 – Chloe Alexander
98 – Mira Burack
12 – Jaime Rovenstein
71 – Anna Ogier Bloomer
5 – Benz Amataya
85 – Tracy Taylor
31 – Jill Lavetsky
11 – Jessica Wohl
67 – Dana Oldfather
42 – Liezel Strauss
28 – Allison Reimus
34 – Dyana Gravina
72 – Isadora Stowe
26 – Julianne Strom Brill
73 – Maja Ruznic
32 – Susannah Bluhm
78 – Barbara Campbell Thomas
14 – Sarah Boyts Yoder
22 – Lauren Frances Evans
91 – Sandeep Johal
17 – Lee Nowell Wilson
18 – Megan Craig
3 – Adrienne Brown David

The Artist/Mother podcast is created and hosted by Kaylan Buteyn. You can see more of Kaylan’s work on her website or connect with her on Instagram @kaylanbuteyn

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